Do You Pay Attention To Your Dreams?

Sometimes I am too busy meeting the needs of life to pay adequate attention to my dreams, although I have reliable experience that my dreams reveal symbols that connect me to my life purpose and make my life easier through intuitive guidance. Since COVID, I have time to allow myself natural sleep habits and to pay attention to my dreams. Symbols arise from things that happen in waking life.

A mouse invaded our kitchen this summer. It wasn’t fat when it came inside, but learned that the dog’s food, the avocados that hung in the fruit basket, and other things were good eating. This mouse became bold and became a feature of our summer. It was so bold that it ran over my foot one time while I was washing the dishes. Alan and I joked daily about the misadventures of “Fat Mouse.”

I dreamed of Fat Mouse. In the dream, it had gotten so fat that even its tail was fat, and it could only move by leaping, as its belly was too large to drag around the floor. In the dream it leapt from one to another activity. It was cute, it was funny, it was a problem. Somehow I knew that the Fat Mouse in the dream was me.

Mice are very detail-oriented, and they are always busy. I had been taking care of every little detail of housework, getting the garden produce prepared for the winter, and in general, wasting time to busyness. Problems were coming up that needed solving and I was on top of it. Detail oriented. Locating a plumber. Locating an installer for the over the stove microwave oven. Worrying about replacing the broken down car before my job starts up again this fall. But Mouse was warning me that I was getting “fat” on busyness. Waiting for things to fall into place was robbing me of the creative time that keeps my brain ticking. Without that I get crabby, bored, and blue. It was time to get back to my “real” work.

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Do you dream? What messages have dreams held for you?


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