Dog and Old Lady hit the trail

Old Lady took Dog for a walk on the bridge trail this morning. It is an old farm road that remains from a place that was sold to NYCDEP and is now used by hunters, hikers, and sports recreation. It is usually abandoned and Old Lady gets a chance to let Dog off the leash to run and sniff to her heart’s content, and as usual Dog found a patch of deer pee to roll in. Old Lady’s husband has an ongoing feud with Dog about her self smelling fresh and clean. Baths are good for about one to three days. Prescription: Bath renewal every seven to fourteen days and brush-in shampoo every other day. The Odd Old Couple battles out who will bathe Dog next. Fortunately Dog is highly bribable, and will submit to being leashed and bathed for precisely three pieces of pre-cooked and sliced hot dog.

Old Lady’s heart got a lift this morning as she strode up the trail pretending to be thirty again. Startling up a flock of sparrows and chickadees accompanied by a Cedar Wax Wing, Old Lady stopped and bird watched. The birds, equally curious followed Dog and Old Lady up the trail, lifting her heart into joy at the beauty and flight of the little curious ones. Choosing a perch at the tiptop of a white pine, one little bird cheerfully called out, “Chick-a-dee, chick-a-dee-dee-dee!” A few remaining leaves fell down around them, making an echoing rhythm of “Whoosh-whoosh. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.” A Cardinal make a bright visual counterpoint sitting at the tip of an old Maple.

Old Lady reached her goal, a Hemlock tree she had befriended a few years ago during a different cycle of life. Winds around the tree came up welcoming her. Now she was not thirty anymore, but her true age, sixty-two, and she stepped wholly into the energetic practices of a lifetime, and energetically merged with her tree friend, slowing down her conscious mind to near stillness, and asked Hem, “Do you have any news?” Hem noted the usual cycles of weather, movement and stillness within the valley shared by his grove. Nothing major had happened, but Hem had met with another Rune maker from within the Nine Worlds. That was interesting at least, yet it was a peaceful meeting, and as the old proverb goes, “No news is good news!” Old Lady reached out with her mind and touched other wise trees within Hem’s grove. Indeed, all is well.

Old Lady raised her arms to mimic Hem’s branches and rooting herself in Earth, the human and tree breathed each other until it was time to take Dog home again and return to the chores of human life. Old Lady stepped away from the tree, turned, then turned again, to look at her friend and offered a feeling of reverence and gratitude for the place he holds in her heart. Feeling his answering emotion of love, Old Lady became thirty again and almost skipped down the trail full of joy, except for a repetitive twinge of arthritis in her hip which kept her pace to a mere walk. Dog had more energy and ran down the trail… or maybe the gravity of downhill pulled her along. Well, we can all use a little boost from time to time, can’t we? Fed on tree joy and bird happiness, Old Lady returned home more cheerfully to her chores and the week to come.


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