We human beings seem to have a lot to argue about, and there seem to be a lot of folks who like to argue. People who like to argue like to be right, yet eventually there comes a point in one’s personal growth and expansion when one does not need to be right. One maybe simply cares about others and sees the ancient consequences of conflict. And beyond this, one begins to see how power carrying beings manipulate others for their own advantage. And this being said, once we begin to see the manipulation, maybe we no longer want to fall into it, whether we are considering the doings of advertisers or governments moving armies.

Let’s take the recent Israeli-Palestine conflict. I don’t know all of the details, and I don’t need to. It seems obvious that the main players do not want peace. Hamas may have instigated things, but there were other actions that played into the drama, including oppression on both sides of the conflict. People of conscience are speaking out, and I find this an appropriate thing. It seems to me that what is needed is people of conscience and good will speaking out against oppression, yet not taking sides. When individuals of faith and conscience can hold the paradox within themselves, it contributes, I believe, to more and more people taking a stand that war is not the way. This war cannot be solved by any of the major national powers. Many good people and people of good will have tried. Rather those engaged in the conflict itself must sort out the way to resolution.

This is true in our personal lives as well. We individuals hold the same potentials within ourselves as does the human collective. We have self-aspects that often conflict with each other. When we can gain enough self-awareness to discern how these parts of ourselves compete and can cause consternation within, we begin to be able to sort out how it is that we want to be and allow those parts of ourselves to die that no longer serve us. In this way we put together the puzzle pieces of who and what we are in the process of becoming whole–Holy.

Nations will not find peace until the individuals who make up nations can find peace within themselves. One by one, this is the work of humanity today. The manipulation of power-possessing beings to manipulate Democrat against Republican, or Muslim against Christian and Jew, serves no one except those whose aim is to grow richer or more powerful. This talk about a new heaven and a new earth should not be taken religiously or as a conspiracy theory, but as the next actual step in the evolution of humanity toward Unity. It is the purpose of being “woke” to evolve one’s consciousness to the understanding that it is the human collective that is God.

I’ll leave you to think about that one.


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