I went out to the DMV today to take care of some tasks regarding the car. On the way home I stopped at Wal-Mart to get my favorite ear wipes for the puppy Loki. Browsing, I passed the book shelf, and found Ellie Weisel’s Night. It has been a few years since I read it, so I decided to purchase the book and read it again. My reason was that I do not want to go to sleep on historical realities when I hear people in my own country speaking their beliefs that the awful evil, horror of the Holocaust never happened. The evils of slavery and the genocide of Native American, indigenous, aboriginal people were horrible enough. When a political figure like Governor Ron DeSantis started justifying slavery as “beneficial” to people forcibly removed from their homeland, I feel nauseated. The religious “right” is using the disguise of Christianity to foment unrest in the same way the Nazi party fomented their social idealism entering World War II.

The danger of fascism in America is real. What I understand from the reading I have done and the questions I have asked myself concerning the psychology of these types of people, is that they are a group who prefers to subject themselves to authority, need others like themselves to bolster their need to feel right and support their need to be special. There are a lot of psychological factors that are at play here: certain sects of Christianity promote guilt and shame, especially if you can think for yourself. In his book Escape From Freedom, Eric Fromm devoted one entire chapter to Lutheranism. Despite his efforts at Reformation, Martin Luther had an authoritarian, abusive father. When he needed a new model for Protestantism, he advocated God as a judgmental, critical father like the one who conditioned him growing up. This hit home to me, because I was raised Lutheran. Our home life was authoritarian and we were expected to be obedient. Obedience to authoritarianism goes a long way toward making evil permissible, when otherwise good people do not speak out.

People who are obedient are asleep. Ellie Weisel writes of people who did not choose to believe the warnings they were given in time to leave and save their lives. It was easier to believe in the basic goodness of people until they were loaded up in the cattle cars and sent to the death camps.

A German grandmother, who had immigrated to America after World War I, told me that there was jealousy in Germany of the wealth Jewish people had acquired. Since Medieval times, the Jewish people had not been allowed land ownership, so they got good with money, they got good with legal careers, they got good with education. The medieval churches fed anti-Semitism with such statements as “Jews eat babies,” something I actually heard from a contemporary acquaintance of mine, who happens to be a fan of Mr. Trump to the degree she thought he was the second coming. My mouth dropped open. That was also a lie the church told during the witchcraft trials.

The only way that we can be free from such shit, is to wake up – become WOKE. The culprit is conditioned arising. It is easier to believe the things we are taught growing up than to examine our conscience for what is true and what is false; and it’s harder when the people who want to keep the population enslaved by this conditioning feeds the public disinformation – a half truth along with a lie, so that their statement seems true, and the public continues to believe it. The fact that the religious “right” among the Republican party condemns “WOKE” is because they are telling the half-truths and disseminating disinformation. So please, anyone who is reading this: look at what is behind what is said. Look at what people do, and not accept what they say at face value.

Maybe I have gotten a bit on my soapbox today, but this stuff is really concerning me. America is too divided. Politicians are not getting anything done for the people because they are unwilling to create bridges. Common sense is not so common any more. People don’t question nearly enough. And here is my prediction for this stupidity of developing Artificial Intelligence. For a people who want to follow authority blindly, I can foresee the setup – with Artificial Intelligence (AI) telling them what to do, there won’t be any accountability, no human to blame, and no one to accept responsibility for consequences of their actions. They can simply say, “I did what AI told me to do.”


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