Below are the FAQs for Pets Portraits by Susan and Nornirs Corner Rune Divination. A "Divination" is a Psychic reading, but one that comes from the intention to be an open channel for my client's spiritual well being.

What can I expect from Rune Divination?

My experience of the Runes has been that they address issues occurring in life now, drawing from the choices and consequences of past actions to determine the potential choices before you. When I first began reading the Runes, I also began working with the Norns who oversee Orlog, the Norse word closest to meaning karma, fate, or destiny. The Norns also act as birth planners: those on the spiritual side who help souls seeking rebirth to plan their lifetimes, so it is in their interest to help us live in accord with that plan.

Come with questions. The more focused you can be on what your need to know is, the more clearly I can tune in to the issues surrounding your question. Human beings have energy fields which surround us all the time and carry the energetic information of our lives. When we sit down together, in person or on the phone, these energies overlap and information is exchanged in this manner.

What can you expect from me? When we sit down together, you have my undivided attention and focus. Before our appointment, I have taken the time to connect with Spirit, pray, and tune into your energetic field. Ideally I am an open channel for the information that you are seeking to come through. I am compassionate, empathic, and a healer, and that is why I do this work to help people address imbalances.

Everything that is exchanged between us occurs in absolute confidence. I do not share names for business. I do keep an Email list with your contact information to keep you informed of shows, specials, and dates of events.

My ideal customer is someone who is actively seeking their spiritual evolution. The Runes are apt tools to guide one on the path to awakening consciousness. They appear to have been designed for this purpose from the time of antiquity. Divination is just one use of the Runes. They can also be used to heal, and they empower healers and shamans to attract what is needful for the good of the people.

If you have further questions, please contact me via email:

FAQs on Pets Portraits by Susan

You have decided to order a fine art Charcoal Drawing or Acrylic Painting to always have something of your pet with you. You have looked at my artwork and like what you see, so what now?

Your next step is to talk to me directly, so that we can get information. You want to know what I can do for you, and I need to know what you expect, so that we can meet your need with the best possible result. Once we have come to a tentative agreement, I will Email you an invoice for the first half of the commission cost, which will take place through PayPal or credit card. Once your deposit is made, I will put you on my schedule, and let you know when I can start your portrait and when you can expect its completion.

I work directly from photographs that you or I take, so the next step is to provide me with three photos as reference points, with the one that you prefer earmarked as the choice that I will work from. If you are within a fifty mile radius of my home and wish make an appointment for me to come take the photographs, we can arrange that at this time for an additional fee.

Progress Reports can be made by email during the stages of your drawing. I do not take photos of the unfinished piece, but once I consider the artwork finished, I will email you a couple of photographs then for your approval. Usually people are very happy with the artwork at this stage, but if for any reason you are not happy with the artwork, now is the time to make the changes. Once you let me know that you are satisfied with my work, I will seal the painting with a clear coat, or mount the Charcoal portrait on a foam board within a clear sleeve. All Charcoal Drawings will have to be properly framed for their ultimate protection.

What does this ultimate protection consist of? I highly recommend that you find a professional framer that you like, and he or she will mount the drawing with a matt under glass that will both enhance and protect the drawing. Charcoal drawings, like pen and ink, are very delicate, easily damaged by paper tearing, accidental water spills, and the like. So proper protection will grant your artwork a long lifetime of beauty for your enjoyment.

Final Invoice and Delivery Once you have approved your portrait, I will Email you a final invoice for the second half of the total commission cost, and if your artwork needs to be shipped and insured, I will also let you know the cost of that at this time. Once I send your package, I will Email you with the anticipated date of arrival and opening instructions. You will need to sign for your package, so please arrange to have the package sent to a place where it can be signed for and received safely, and cared for. If your order is local, the final payment can be taken care of when I hand deliver it to you.

Please feel free at any time to call regarding display, care, and cleaning of your portrait.

I have a conditional return policy. Because I take such care in making your portrait, I ask 50% of the payment up front, and this will not be refunded. If you are not satisfied when you see the photograph I send for your approval, that is the time to let me know what changes you want made. I require your final approval before I ship. If for any reason you are not satisfied upon receipt of the finished product, I will refund half of the full cost of your order less shipping and handling. Each artwork will be insured for its full value upon shipping, in case of damage during transit.

Do you ship overseas or internationally?

If you are interested in a Pet Portrait by Susan and live outside the United States, please call me with your needs, and I will research the cost of shipping and handling of your artwork.