Flower At Rest During Winter Months


These Rhododendron flowers are waiting for the right combination of temperature and sunlight to call them forth into their blossoming time. I noticed them as I was shoveling the eight inches of snow that had buried my car in the driveway.


The home across the way made a nice contrast against the backdrop of the snow. In warmer times Dolly the Akita and I have hiked the hills that are barely visible today. It makes me mindful of the seasons as they change and how wintertime offers us a level of tranquility and restfulness that the other seasons lack. In January we are recuperating from the busy-ness of the Christmas season, and before that Thanksgiving, and before that Halloween, and before that getting the kids accustomed to this new year of school. I know that I forget to play, and without that awareness the days can run together from one form of industrious to the next, and I find myself older remembering joy instead of experiencing it.

This New Year I am doing something different for myself. No matter what activity I am engaged in, no matter the pressure to get things done, I am going to stop several times during the day and look around me and see the beauty, find the pleasure, and bring that attitude of play into whatever work I am doing. The season will turn around again, spring will come, and that Rhododendron will blossom. The cycles of Nature are as certain as the Sun arising in the morning.

I had wanted to close this blog today with a photo of that same Rhododendron bush in bloom, but I could not locate the photo I had in mind. But this is okay, it is another good reminder to be present to where I am, the season I am in, and the needs of the day.

I’d like to leave you with a good wish and a blessing to enjoy all of your seasons during 2019.

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