I’ve had occasion to sincerely consider where I want to spend time. I’m not talking about the daily necessities of life, which must be met. Rather I am talking about all the Will 0′ the Wisps that capture my attention and I give my email address thinking, “I will follow this one.” I’ve spent a lot of time today unsubscribing from email lists that I cannot even remember signing up for. Some I do remember signing up for, but quickly got annoyed by all the “Donate” buttons they put out. If and when I have the extra money for donations, is this a cause I’d support? I don’t even have to think twice about that one! Another biggie is the hot shot who puts their face in front of the video camera and steps up on their podium. If I want to learn from anyone, I am seeking someone who has knowledge in a humble way. Unsubscribe.

Some causes I support unconditionally. The Arbor Day Foundation. The National Resources Defense Council. Anything that supports a sustainable environment and trees. Can we reverse Climate Change? Maybe not, but there are things we can do to effect positive change.

Don’t talk to me about Right-to-Life. I am not “pro-abortion” either, but I do believe in a woman’s right to choose without subjecting herself to the dictates of society. Especially don’t talk to me about Right-to-Life if you are one of those bigots who don’t want to feed the numerous children that will come to term. How often have I had to listen to some righteous bigot complain that the folks who depend on social welfare are lazy? And this without regard for any of the numerous reasons that dependence may entail: lack of mental treatment, down and out bad luck, family trauma, and/or just the sheer fact of these programs are all some people know. And especially don’t talk to me about Right-to-Life if you have no heart for all that women suffered in attempted home abortions.

Black lives matter? Yes, they do, but all lives matter. And my statement in no way contradicts my feelings expressed in the above paragraph. Rather I believe that people need to look deeply at all the factors that surround any situation, and that situation should be dealt with on its own merits or lack thereof.

And do NOT try to capture my attention with the cute pet portrait! I have my hands full with my one entitled little creature. She gets treated quite well. Go away and stay away, PETA.

So where do I want to put my time?

As I get older, I sure have less time to waste than I did when I was young. I choose to put my time and energy into those activities that bring me a certain level of satisfaction and joy. There are people whose company I enjoy, and those I don’t. I no longer care if I seem rude to those who would waste my time. This has brought a greater depth of genuineness into the friendships we choose to maintain. I enjoy giving a lot more too, and I am selective of those who will sincerely appreciate what it is I have to offer. Then there is my own creativity. I haven’t picked up this blog for a while, because I have been committing weekends to home improvement projects. This weekend I am capping off painting my bedroom, and my husband has started on his. He may or may not want my help. That is up to him.


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