Hela’s Feast Day & An Auspicious Year Ahead

Photo by Steve on Pexels.com

Since 2013 I have been learning from the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty – my affectionate nickname for the Teutonic Ladies who came into my circumference of tutelary Spirits shortly after the Runes downloaded themselves into my head. GNG for short, the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty include the Norns (Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld) and Hela/Frau Holle. They are caring, impartial, and value my hard work and keen interest in what they have to teach.

About mid-week, Hela let it be known that She wanted me to celebrate her Feast Day (All Hallows’ Eve) and honor my Ancestors. I number my dead relatives and spiritual teachers among my Ancestors, so it was sure to be a good dinner. All Hela asked for was a Red Rose, a White Rose, and white wine. When I got to the store we settled on a nice Italian Reisling, which I had never had before, but we very much enjoyed. Since the color theme of the meal seemed to be white (in accord I believe with Hela’s kinship ties to the original White Goddess), I chose chicken breasts and tried two new recipes from my old Better Homes & Gardens cookbook. To this we added a salad and an apple cobbler to celebrate this time of Harvest. Some of the dead liked my choices and some did not, but they got together with enthusiasm and delight.

Alan’s and my marriage is a late one. We will celebrate nine years this month, and it is a “mixed marriage” what with him being Jewish and me being Christian. Both of us have been devoted to Native American spirituality, and I have been a student of the Gurdjieff path, so our guests included teachers from these beautiful traditions. Everyone seemed to get along or find new friendships among those gathered. It felt like the house was full of those we loved, and reminiscent of times past when the entire clan would gather for Thanksgiving dinners and other significant Holy Day feasts. I set the table with an extra place, our best decorum, and brought down the photos of those closest to us, set opposite the extra place.

After the main meal, Alan and I thanked our Ancestors for our life, for the influence they had on us during life, for the shared wisdom of their obstacles and choices they overcame, and for what we would appreciate their help in during the coming year. We have some spiritual goals that we would like to realize before the year is out. I want to complete my book and set down themes for other books I am encouraged to write. And of course we both would like increased good health and long life. This Old Lady wants new and better adventures with Dog, such as brings humor and contributes something funny and loving to the human collective.

This morning our walk seemed most auspicious. We got to the Bridge Trail, and two does were running across the road, tails up, and stiff legged. I have seen these same two does at twilight the past two days running the same way, and wondered at their stiff-legged agitation. I could not help but laugh, because they tickled my belly button. One stopped, dropped her tail, and glared at me, whether in curiosity at my laughter or insult at my audacity for laughter. I could not say. But as Dog and I were leaving the Bridge Trail to return home, the cause of their agitation made itself apparent. Dog and I were standing under a large pine tree when we saw him. A majestic six-pointer was crossing the road at a sedate walk. He never saw us, because the winds were confusing his senses. Dog and I were very still, right where we were, and the buck sedately continued on his way before our eyes, grazing lightly here and there. I wondered if he was wondering where his girls had gone. Had I been a hunter, I would have had many opportunities for a most propitious heart shot. I am taking this as a sign from the Ancestors of a good, upcoming year ahead.


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