One day my Life Guide Gregory told me a story: There was a man walking up the mountain and he has a wish to help humanity reach the knowingness of Spirit that lives on top of the mountain. At first the way is very hard. The mountain is steep and he is hauling one man who is hauling another man, hand to hand, like a chain of humanity putting all their effort and all their breath into getting up this mountain.

But then they begin to reach the top. From their frozen valley which lies so tightly between mountains that very little light penetrates and all is cold and damp, now they see the top of the mountain which is a huge plateau full of sunlight, open, tall grasses wave, cattle graze and all manner of good things are to be found here.  Some stay, but they begin to remember their families and head back down the mountain, joyfully running and proclaiming the news.

There is still a chain of humanity trudging up the mountain, but now they are being passed by people running upward, carrying children and older family members on their backs. Some people choose to remain in the dark, dank valley town, hunched over in misery, but now there are many on the plateau rejoicing and enjoying their lives in the sunshine.

Each of us can have an intimate relationship with God. Each of us has our own ideas about God.

God created the Universe, set the laws in place that would allow the Universe to maintain itself and gave absolute freedom to created beings to enact out their lives within the scope of those Universal laws. God takes no more control over it. This is why when people hold an idea of a god that interacts only with one group or another is a wrongful idea based upon God being created in man’s own image.

            Yet in a deeper way, man has had to create God in man’s own image so that man can begin to understand God. We cannot define the invisible by what we cannot see, but by the qualities we perceive.


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