Interview with Brigid Hopkins

I had a wonderful interview with Brigid Hopkins today, author of Feathers of a Phoenix. I met Brigid at Omega where she was assistant to Renee Baribeau who was there to teach Winds of Spirit. Brigid is an insightful woman who is still emerging into the next phase of her life. Brigid makes the important point that we need to allow ourselves the time to grow into the emergent phases of our lives. Writing down her memoirs and listening to the thread of her own intuition have allowed Brigid to integrate aspects of a troubled childhood into the woman she is now.

Practical Reiki, Shamanism, Eco-Therapy, the Wind Work (with Renee Baribeau, author of Winds of Spirit), and Moon Ceremonies are just some of the healing modalities Brigid uses. Brigid is a Clarity Coach who has spent thousands of client hours helping people step into the next phase of their lives. Together with Hope Robbins she started the Miloh Foundation. Many allies and many relationships with many different people and other kinds of beings are needed to grow into such a life, especially the capacity that we become trust worthy.

Energy work, shamanic work, and deep healing work require a deep commitment to the inner life, as we must develop the energetic capacity within our own bodies to take on what we are called upon to do in service to self, to life, to Earth healing. I asked Brigid to cover her story of Earth Church, a way of being present to Earth that I feel very drawn to, and wanted to share here. Brigid tells us her very personal story about how Earth Church came to be, but first we engage in a lively discussion on deep inner healing.

I have the vision that through sharing stories like Brigid’s, that others will be inspired toward a lifestyle change of greater reverence and humility in our relationship with the Earth, because the Earth is our Home and provides for all our needs. Please step into this video for a time and share with us our journey.


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