July 6- July 13 2019 Rune Draw

This morning upon waking I had to deal with a personal shadow triggered by my son leaving for Marine Boot Camp at the end of the month. Much opposition exists for me here. My son’s soul calling is the military. Ever since he was a little boy he has been attracted to the archetype of the warrior. As for me, I strive to be a person of peace. I recognize that the human dynamic requires all types, and the gift of my shadow work this morning was greater acceptance of the situation. I support my son fully – I am very proud of the discipline and energy he musters toward his calling – yet I do not sacrifice my own prayers for peace.

As often happens, the energies behind my own “stuff” are energies others of us are going through. We may not the same issues, but we do share struggles with the shadow as the human collective at this time. The first Rune to turn up was CWEORTH from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. CWEORTH the “Funeral Pyre” often indicates the fiery need for mental house cleaning. The seeds of our unhappiness generally relate to the wounded inner child, and sow our effort to find our happiness, as indicated by the Rune CHALC, the “Holy Grail” which we always reach for but never quite attain. Here we have at play two oppositional forces.

In my book RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation, I wrote about “…the threefold concept hidden at the heart of an ancient awareness of the sacred. Polarity and paradox represent the point of struggle between oppositional forces. Modern physics states that Every action will lead to an equal and opposite reaction. The blending or equalizing force is often hidden, but can be seen in the result of any conflict. When we can observe this unfolding in ourselves, we can find the blending point that is our center.”

The final Rune FEHU can appear reversed or upright in its interpretation, and the final result of any oppositional encounter within our selves will be determined by how we feed it emotionally. I recently had the opportunity to choose for myself – I can feed the part of myself that wants to feel like a victim so I don’t have to do anything about anything; OR I can feed the part of myself that overcomes, rises up, and confronts each situation toward the development of my spirit, soul, and strength of character. Character is fed by overcoming challenge and struggle.

I will be writing more in my blog this week on exercises to clear the chakras toward growing and maintaining personal integrity. Please check back!

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