Rune Draw June 16 – 22, 2019

Today a bit of useful information to add to your Rune practice. In RUNE PLAY: Tools for Spiritual Evolution and Transformation, I speak of the three-fold forces in Nature and humanity. In Nature this would be the affirming/active, denying/receptive, and equalizing/reconciling forces. In human terms, we speak of our three aspects as the body, emotion, and intellect.

To add depth to a Rune draw, you can ask yourself whether the Rune you drew relates to the body, emotions, or intellect through a simple method of tuning into your own body through Intentional Sensation. This simple method gives us a yes or a no. The method might be as individual as you are.

When I am in connection with the spiritual, my body often rocks back and forth, a physical movement that Jewish people call davening. When my body rocks forward, I get “Yes”, when my body rocks backward, I get “No.” My husband experiences a movement of energy along his spine moving Upward for his “Yes,” and a downward movement of energy for his “No.” Try what seems to work best for you. Or you could use a pendulum, asking the pendulum how it will say “Yes” today or “No.” For me, my pendulums usually give me a straight swing for “Yes” and a circular swing for “No.”

For today’s Rune reading I used the Younger Futhark. The first Rune drawn was Mannaz/Madr for Humanity. I asked whether the energy was physical, emotional, or intellectual. The Yes came on Emotional. This was confirmed by the second Rune drawn, Thurisaz reversed. Drawn frequently in recent readings, you many remember Thurisaz reversed speaks of repressed, suppressed, buried emotions that may spring out as negative venting or attacks upon other persons. By working to clear ourselves of these shadow aspects of ourselves, we clear the way to carry more light in our lives. The truth of this was supported by Fehu, the Rune of manifestation, abundance, and prosperity. Thurisaz showed up for the emotions, and Fehu showed up for both physical and intellectual well being. By bringing balance to our emotional state, our physical and intellectual well being is assured.

This reading today speaks not only to our individual selves, but to the greater human collective consciousness. By working on self, as many of us do this work, we contribute to the collective light our species carries forward in its evolution. To confirm this interpretation, I drew one more Rune. Isa came to reveal its properties of concentration, stillness, and slowing down. All of these relate. As our efforts are reflective of the concentration and stillness of Ice, the difficulties presenting humanity must slow down and find their own measure of Balance.

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Thank you for spending time with me today, and Rune Blessings for the week ahead.



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