June 23-29 Weekly Rune Draw

Good morning! The Runes drawn for the week of June 23 to 29 were INGWAZ, URUZ, and BERKANO. INGWAZ indicates a period of waiting or gestation. URUZ, being the Rune of strength, physical power, and passion, indicates this to be a time of waiting to gather strength toward that which is indicated by BERKANO. BERKANO heralds an initiation of some form related to the feminine mysteries: birth; coming of age into young womanhood, motherhood, or even cronehood; or life transitions such as weddings or divorces, or the passing of a loved one. These events ask for the strength of our presence. How does this interpretation meet your life this week?

I have been contemplating lifestyle changes for myself, for example. I am feeling a heartfelt need to reconnect and recommit to my relationship with Nature and the Divine. For me this translates into morning prayer beside our creek; being more at home in my own body through better choices for exercise and nutrition, which remind me that my body is my connecting link to Great Nature; and I am also discovering during my Crone years that maintaining right relationship with Earth, family, and friends is very important.

I would love to get to know you better, so if you feel inspired, please drop a comment at Nornir’s Corner on FB, or here, or visit the new group page Wyrd Women, where you just might key into new friendships who share the similar frame of thought.

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