Let it snow! I’m utilizing my time indoors to clear away the old to make room for the new. “Let me see,” I said to myself, “I think I will start with that bottom drawer I use for a filing cabinet. I haven’t been in there in over a year, so there shouldn’t be anything much worth keeping.”

The first thing I saw was easy to toss. A few old photos and letters from people I don’t keep up with any more. The second thing made me hesitate. More photos and letters from my parents, now deceased. I went through these and ferreted out the must-keeps from the uninteresting and out they went. Those old photos of my sister’s step-son’s wedding where I wore my Western flavored clothing instead of dressing up? Yes, they went into the trash too.

But now I have to create a Memorabilia Box into which the keepsake items will go until I can face them again. Okay, now that bottom drawer is empty, and I can utilize it for new ideas and projects. I have several that I have started, but have had to “stop and go” due to the daily grind of job and other duties. It would be nice to have things to hand to pull out, work on and put away easily. Among these things are ideas for a series of Rune cards, illustrations of Yggdrasil in pencil and paint, and something that lightens my mind when my mood is too heavy: Zen Tangle. I have done some of these small Zen Tangle cards as part of my Rune series. These will be fun to have accessible. And, yes, I do believe they will fit into neatly organized file folders.

One thing leads to the next. The organization into the file folders freed up a shelf. And I need to clear off my Altar space for this year’s Winter Solstice celebration that my shaman-mentor Renee Baribeau hosts each year at this time. I am one of over 400 people who will hold space as a fire tender. If you are interested, look up her 2020-2021 Winter Solstice here. On my altar are my sacred objects, those things that remind me of my intentions for this life, right here, right now. Some will stay and some will get changed up.

What comes off the altar and what goes on to the altar depend on my choices for the coming year. This altar will be a statement about those things that I pray for the human collective as well as myself. Personal Empowerment. Wisdom and Balance. Deep inner healing. The reduction of carbon in our atmosphere and the reseeding of the great forests that organic beings need to survive upon the Earth. The publication of my second book.

I am bringing forward this work. Envisioning it going further afield, out and about. How the Runes and the Valknut relate to the Enneagram, because yes, they do. How studying the Triad within oneself can help one find and maintain one’s Balance, because Balance begins within one. Finding this Balance within brings one’s energetic force home to one instead of scattering one’s energy uselessly into life. Then one can begin to utilize the Runes to manifest what one needs for one’s life.

So let it snow, yes. I have a lot to do!


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