I like planning my days, yet sometimes I have to shift mental gears because the day doesn’t deliver as scheduled. People and their attitudes can set me back by triggering my own attitudes. And then, my friends, being a contemplative person, I have to examine my own attitudes to make sure I am still in harmony with the values I choose to live by.

I’m not doing the job I wanted today. So I remind myself of the uses of adversity. If I can’t chase the creative urge that is itching me, I can at least use the moment to let go of what I cannot control, and control what I can. Usually that is myself.

Some days just flow like a meandering river. The river wanders where it will, feeding into rivulets and larger creeks until the river is itself, a major force of flow. Then I think of the water as many droplets coming together, and I think of the people who can rub me the wrong way and I gain a new perspective.

Many of us make up the world. It takes many of us to form the cohesiveness of working together like the water droplets bond in the river, yet it keeps us moving.


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