“Loving What Is” is an attitude I am working to carry into my lifestyle. Worries that come with aging, struggling through the winter months during this Covid pandemic, dealing with the exigencies that come with daily life – all of these can drain me of my resolve. But without this resolve, it is easy to fall prey to negative thinking.

“I have to walk the dog. I’m going to be very cold. The dog needs to be walked.” These are thoughts of struggle and duty. Yet I give attention to her big brown eyes watching me with love and anticipation, the job becomes easier and more rewarding. Thoughts less on my anticipated discomfort than her joy and trust. And sure enough she rewards me with her beauty as she bounds through the deep snow like the puppy she used to be.

“The dishes look like a mountain today. We sure use a lot of them. I really don’t want to wash them. All the more reason to wash them, overcome your resistance, lazy bones!” Then I remember when I work with a willing acceptance, the Norns accept the energy of my work for Their Work. I can use this opportunity to practice devotion if I just turn my heart and my mind around. In addition to this, I can be mindful of the good eating Alan and I enjoyed from the process of creating the delicious meals we enjoy. I can be mindful of the healthy food we put into our bodies. I can be mindful.

I can be mindful.


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