Here I was tonight staring at the blank screen feeling the urge to write and… feeling as blank as the screen.

Sometimes a little bit of nothing is good. Space. Freedom not to think, but to BE.

What fills the void here?

Memory meanders over walking the dog today. Dog and Old Lady slowly hiking the trail near the bridge where we did not go this morning because people were out turkey hunting and I did not wish to disturb.

Consideration. Is that common today? Sometimes the argument between Trump and the Dems seems to be on that very topic. Things most of us learned in Kindergarten: to share and to be considerate of one another. Not Trump! The Emperor With No Clothes marches to the beat of a different drummer. He goes on his way careless of Covid-19, quite uncaring if it costs another their life.

What is the cost of a life, any way? That is not a question I can answer.

So what is the meaning of a life? Or let me change that: What is the meaning you take from life? For each of us, the answer is so different! It comes down to the question, What do you value?

Just for today, it was Dog and Old Lady slowly meandering the trail near the bridge appreciating the changing hues of the leaves, and trying to find beautiful things to take photos of for my son the Marine who misses his home, changing colors, turkey hunts, and good times with the boys. A time to just BE.


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