When I took Loki the poodle out for his morning urinal, the sun was shining beautifully on the rain-drenched lawn. I looked appreciatively on the yard work I had done yesterday, anticipating what I hoped to accomplish today, then reasoned with my body, aching with residual arthritis, and decided today will require Aleve. Then we came in for breakfast, and I sat down to write this blog.

I look over at the beautiful young dog, contentedly chewing on the cow hoof he loves, and give some thought to the topic for today. On this Earth plane, we are governed by seeming opposites. Light and dark, day and night, hot and cold, pain and pleasure – but really these are simple contrasts by which we can know life and the hidden spirit that dwells within us. The oldest of philosophies – and religions – tell us to Know thyself. So what is it that lies hidden in the shadows?

I cannot know my light without knowing my darkness. The consciousness of my daylight hours is but a skim on the surface of the totality of my consciousness – for me to be most fully conscious, I must dive deep into the primordial waters of my Subconscious, the land of dreams. When I most fully do this, I most fully feel alive. From here, it seems to me, releases the awakening to the energies we need as healers, warriors, and lovers in the world of form.

There is always a balance. I also cannot know myself without engagement with other people and other beings. I am a “believer” that all things have consciousness, even rocks and inanimate objects. As a Reiki master I have worked with crystals and other life forms, so this is a thing I know deep in my being. I cannot “prove” it to you, but I can show you how to experience this inner knowing for yourself. By the way, this knowingness, which is called animism, and defined as a belief system held by indigenous peoples (tribal cultures), connects identically to the unified field theory of quantum physics.

Bringing the inward knowing and the outward knowing together helps one to live life in a more balanced manner. Stating this, I come to a topic that concerns me hugely in this day and age. The opposites of love and fear are raising their ugly heads again in the heart of America among those who seem unable to blend inward wisdom with outward living. There are folks who live only from the outside, who bring the contrast of our differences toward the hatred and evils of war. So I must take my stand.

In 2013 when I was getting spiritual training from the Norns, both the Norns and Odin on separate occasions dropped into my Mesa Meditation with vivid conscious dreams. The room darkened, and over the Mesa I saw a city being bombed. Buildings were fracture and the streets strewn with rubble. People were running in terror and fear. Elsewhere people had been imprisoned and were being put to death in the gas chambers. My spiritual guides wanted me to know the full horror perpetuated by the Nazis in World War II, a war my father and other family friends had fought in to free humanity from evils taking form again today.

We don’t want to see this. This is America, after all, the land of the free and the brave. But here is where it is shaping up. During the Reagan years, and before, a brand of Christian religion started mingling with the Republican party, and gained the name the “religious right.” This group is shaping a new facade of national socialism promoting white supremacy under the guise of being Christian. But as Jesus said, by their works shall ye know them. In Southern states the ugliness of Jim Crow has risen again. Attacks on the freedom of women come through the anti-abortion ban, a choice that a woman ought to be able to make from her own conscience, not from social regulations.

More and more there is a coming to light of murders at the Indian schools where Native American children were torn away from their families in a form of cultural genocide. These schools were run by missionary churches.

I was raised Christian; I know without a doubt the psychological power of forgiveness and healing in Jesus’ teaching. This is a teaching we are meant to take into our living and practice, but one does not need to be Christian to honor this teaching. Many religions (Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, to name a few) are full of caring, compassionate people. The Christian churches could not hold on to their power without the brainwashing that one was born into sin, is always a sinner, and must bow to the power of Jesus’ judgment in order to be free from sin. These teachings breed shame and guilt, and forget the mercy of God when we are at right relationship with Him in our own lives. Mercy forgives, judgment condemns. Early Christianity was a religion of love, but it turned into something uglier when it became the state religion of Rome.

I don’t care by what Name God goes by. I take a stand that we are all of us human. Our blood is red, no matter the color of our skin. As a deeply spiritual person, I remember past lives. We will be recycled. We may come back as the person we now hate based on an outward appearance. So to me, it only makes sense that I live my life in such a way as to make life better for all.

We need teachers to show us the way of meditation and spiritual connection, but we do not need to give these mentors an authoritarian role in our lives once we know how to make that connection for ourselves. It is frightening at how many people will give their power away to a group that supports them in their beliefs and in feeling good about themselves. I have read Eric Fromm’s Escape From Freedom, which he wrote shortly after World War II as a psychological study into how Fascism arose from a people’s need for authority. For example, Martin Luther’s father was authoritarian and abusive. This was therefore Martin Luther’s projection on to his brand of Protestantism. These are the unconscious thought forms and energies playing out behind the scenes with the so-called Moral Majority or religious right. They are not “right” – but they are a powerful group and they are brainwashed.

If any of my readers are part of this group, I may have made myself an enemy. Yet I must take my stand. I am pointing out a group within a group. The group of people I have warned about do not make up the entire Republican party, but they cast a large shadow of lies and allegations, raising doubts about the sincerity and convictions of other people not in their group. This is why I am speaking out today. It is so vital to humanity for each of us to know ourself, to know our shadow so that we may know our light, to know our own thought forms, so that we may gain mental and spiritual liberation, and make our choices from a centered, grounded point of view.

This is why the Founding Fathers of this great nation – yes, I do love America – established a government that was separate from religion. In my opinion it is our diversity that makes us stronger, and this diversity of color and creed that contributes to freedom of our souls. Long may we be diverse, and strong. May we be wiser than our fear, and stand strong in our discernment of information and disinformation fomenting in the political arena just now.


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