New Beginnings – Just the thought of this can free me from a place where I feel stuck. Going within and visualizing how to simplify the flow of my life can make me feel so much better.

I have closed my old blog spot and moved it to I get additional publishing features, but best of all I get a new beginning. I’m writing a new book, but in order to get the information out sooner, blogging seemed the way to do it.

As we face the results of and conditions imposed upon us by the COVID-19 virus, it seems imperative to me that people begin to think in a new way. The old forms of conditioning and rote acceptance of the dream of the world don’t serve us any more.

In my weekly Rune readings, which I provide on Facebook Sunday mornings at the time I get around to it, I have been interpreting since the beginning of the Pandemic that it is time for people to go within and do the mental house clearing that will allow them to move forward in their spiritual life.

Yes, mental house clearing can be painful. It is the very reason of that pain for which we stuffed it way down deep into the Subconscious so that we didn’t have to face it.

But maybe you are at a better place to face it now. Maybe you are in a safe place in your life where the bitterness of childhood or the need for survival is not threatening your sanity or your well being. Journaling and changing self-talk are two positive things you can do about that, as is the practice of creating art. Art is a bridge between the waking consciousness and the Subconscious mind. Or, sometimes, with like me today, just the idea of what a new beginning could look like by giving myself the time to visualize and imagine the inner growth I would like to see.

I’m in my Crone years, so I know myself well already. This hones the focus of my visualizing so that I no longer waste time spinning my wheels or inviting the involvement of those who really are not interested in meaningful change for their own lives. I’m really okay with going it alone. The Spiritual Journey is never really alone anyway, as there are so many wonderful, lovingly attendant guides along the way, every day.

If you would like to check out the weekly Rune draw on Sunday morning, you can do so here. If you are interested in learning more about the Runes, you can join the RUNE PLAY facebook group here.

Among the things I would like to do is creating a group of like-minded people to participate in a writing and journaling group using ZOOM. Oh, we won’t only be doing writing… Sometimes we will join our creativity in craft or art.

I’m also part of a 21-Day Abundance Challenge initiated by Deepak Chopra, and I am going to offer that again once this most recent share comes to an end. Because Prosperity is something we can all tap into, and is enhanced by the sharing. I will announce this when it comes around.

But my real self-discipline is focused here, where I will begin posting ideas and exercises that I sincerely hope will open you to the true wonderment of your own energetic self in awakening your fullest potential. I realize that not everyone will be attracted to these ideas, but for those who are, the sharing of old stories and human relationships with Great Nature can open individuals to their own New Beginnings in relationships with Mother Earth in realistic perspective.


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