New Goals for Urd’s Well

Spike buck skull with sunrise painting.
Spike buck skull with sunrise painting by Susan Hintz Epstein.

Hello, Susan of the North here. I’ve changed my site name to Urd’s Well, because, well, I work with the Norns, and I have things that I want to share, and well, I thought this name might be more specific to what I do.

I’ve set three goals for myself:

Goal #1 – I want you to know that I am a fabulous and fantastic Rune reader. That is if I have a super power, I am a fabulous and fantastic Rune psychic. This is a super power I turn on only when I need it, so if you meet me on the street, please do not worry about me picking up on your private business. I read the Runes and I only talk about the content of what they are showing me; these are symbols given to humanity by Odin, the chief God of the Norse pantheon after his death initiation on Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life and Worlds. You can make an appointment with me, here.

Goal #2 – I want to share content from the book I am writing on Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life and Worlds, and how Yggdrasil corresponds directly to the Chakras and how human beings may ascend and descend the Tree of Life many times throughout their lives in order to understand how the events of your life have shaped you. There are many things in our life that we feel good about and many things that we feel bad about, and these journeys up and down the Tree can offer us many, many insights that can in turn guide our self understanding and self-acceptance. Sometimes we may want to call in the Norns, those kind and impartial beings who oversee the Weave of the Web of Life, in order to help us see which actions and consequences of those actions we have some power to change or re-order based upon the work we do on self in regard to our inner and outer life. I can help you do that too. Rune reading can cover a lot of ground!

Goal #3 – Eventually, because I am not ready to develop this goal until my book(s) are written, I want to use this blog as a foundation to sell my book and develop a series of online classes on the Runes and Yggdrasil. However, I am very welcoming of any and all questions and communication about what topics around the Norse pantheon, Runes, and Yggdrasil that people in general will want to know.

Disclaimer: The author of this site uses prayer, meditation, contemplation, and reflection in order to connect with the divine within conscious being both at will and in whimsy.


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