New Urd’s Well Logo!

Wow! Since I have been involved with the Norns and Hela, I have drawn myself many different aspects of Yggdrasil, just to increase my understanding of the rich symbolism inherent in the Tree. I had been playing with ideas for a logo, but with my time constraints, none of them felt fresh and breezy and new. I wanted a tree that could exhibit the feeling of the wind in its branches, or the strength and solidity of BEING that upheld Odin during his quest for the Runes. I wanted the dragon, the squirrel and the eagle. I wanted to represent the Three Norns: Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld without characteristics of form.

I don’t know how many friends are familiar with The Sisters Are In, but my friend Cathy was drawing trees on her iPad, and I fell in love. So I asked, and this is what she came up with. So friends, this is my new author logo. Names and details to be added after more careful consideration…

Urd’s Well dot net

So if anyone else is interested in Cathy’s artwork, you can reach her at OR if you are in need of a loving and very gifted energy healer, “Cat Cam” is my go to person for that as well.


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