Part 1 – Chakra Management for Integrity

The concept of Integrity means united  – Whole. Looking around in Great Nature, no thing is separate from another. All beings partake of air, water, and food. At the deepest level, molecules are always breaking apart and recombining. So what does this mean in terms of living a life of integrity, honor, value?

When I go deep within myself, I see patterns from as far back as childhood that interfere with such things as being able to keep my word, caring for others, and even caring for self in a deep and meaningful way. Some of these patterns resulted from ways my child self learned to cope with tough survival situations. Most of us have similar patterns; I am not judging them, but to live beyond the “survival” level into the “thrival” level I have needed to clear these patterns so that they no longer command my behavior.

Within us most of us are not united. As I went through my process of inner healing, I found groups of wounded inner children who had dissociated from a state of “unity within” due to trauma and pain they felt. As I did the work of emotional healing, the adult in me was more able to parent these children into wholeness. I wanted to explore the idea of energy and emotional healing through the chakras, because there is an idea that our psychological states mature in alignment with the chakras. So my idea was that the inner children trapped for example in an idea belonging to the sacral chakra could be helped through work on that chakra.

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