Part 3 – Chakra Management for Integrity

I want to generally pursue the idea that human maturing throughout the years of life connects with the development of our Chakras with the understanding that timing may be different for certain individuals, such as those called to energy healing or shamanic work.

Generally speaking, the Root Chakra (developing from babyhood through toddlerhood) is about coordinating and exploring the physical body, and the Sacral Chakra (developing from toddlerhood to age six or seven) is about emotional development and exploration including creativity. The Solar Plexus as the formatory apparatus shapes our personality with the ideas we develop about the world and our self within it (developing from about age eight to pre-teen). The Solar Plexus contains our beliefs about empowerment, ambition, and capacity for achievement. With the onset of puberty and individuality, teens explore intimacy with close friendships, and add to this mix confusion of their feelings of sensuality and sexuality.

It is at this stage wherein the diverse emotions arise from the Sacral through the Solar Plexus to the Heart chakra, which begins to awaken at sexual maturity at an age wherein caring for children may become a biological imperative. Within the onset and confusion of  puberty, an individual’s energies may surge upward to the Heart Chakra or fall back again into the Sacral Chakra. At puberty a young person’s may exhibit emotional swings as they sort out their thoughts, beliefs and feelings about coming adulthood.

Said by the yogis to be kundalini or sex energy nestled at the base of the spine, I believe that the normal process is for this energy to manifest along the life path. People get into difficulty when the social norms are not in harmony with the natural state of maturing. For example the Puritan’s idea of sex which has been saturated in the American soul often leaves women energetically operating from the waist up, denying her innate sensuality and fullness of life experience. Conversely the same denial of sexuality as appropriate and good can send rebellious persons into licentious sexual behavior, so that instead of a mutual wish between partners for the creation of another human being, the result is all kinds of deviancy. So much depends on the home life where values are picked up for healthy self-expression or unhealthy self-expression. The creation of a work of visual art, music, or dance, for example, is as creative as the choice to make a new life, and is driven by an individual’s sensuous wish for self-expression.

The Heart Chakra awakens naturally when one’s children are born and these tiny little dependent beings demand all of their parents’ resources for healthy formation of their selfhood. Having their needs met with love and acceptance goes much further to nurture self-respect and self-care than blatant neglect, anger, or rejection. Self-expression comes through the Throat Chakra manifests passion or compassion, love or hatred, kindness or anger – and all of these are valuable parts of the life experience for what they have to teach us about our selves. The Heart Chakra is the connecting link between the body and the spirit, and it is from here that the struggle of the higher self to overcome the lower self makes itself felt in the upper chakras, where psychic gifts manifesting through the Brow or Third Eye chakra make themselves felt. This is the sight, sound, clairvoyancy of the higher centers. When the Crown awakens fully in the adult, it corresponds to the time of life when one seeks to prepare one’s self for the holiness of one’s dying, and an intimacy with the Source of life.

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