Pathways, Goals, and “Just As It Is”

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When I began this blog, I had intended to write more “Susan of the North” type of posts, but I began having fun with Old Lady and Dog, too. Whether those catch any great interest or not, I have little clue, but it is fun to write from the perspective of a third party, just to share some daily thoughts of the reality of life, which is not always as fantastic as my imagination would like to paint it. And yet as I near my 62nd birthday, I also think that aging people are not given enough credit for their life wisdom. Just a rant there!

One of the things that I have been contemplating for a while is all of the traditions I have learned from to get where I am and know what I know. Yet somehow all of the pieces of the puzzle fit. There are folks who strive for as true a tradition as possible, but I could not afford to take the classes I felt most drawn to. Yet somehow -through the generosity of others and my own willingness to pay as I could- I found my way and my calling, so I do not want to discourage anyone from pursuing a path of learning if you are called on to one specific one or another. Remember somebody had to walk the trail before us in order to pass the knowledge from one person to another. I will never trust a guru who claims they have all the answers, because by that very statement they indicate to me that their ego still interferes with their own self-mastery. For me, that was often the goal – self mastery. And what teaching resonates with one person will not resonate with another. The blessing about learning from the Gods is that They have the capacity to know what we know and poise their lessons with the questions we still need to figure out. Answering the questions they poise occupies my thinking and keeps me from my old habit of mental escapism.

The Norns came to me in 2013 after a lifetime of studying a variety of spiritual pathways including religions, Gurdjieff, Reiki, and becoming a Mesa carrier in 2009. I had met my husband in 2010 who advised me on practices with the Elements that could further me in my goal of shamanic practice, and it was the relationship I developed with the Elohim of the Creek behind our home that opened the doorway to the Norns. But I discovered the Norse Gods had been calling me for a very long time. It was only then that I was ready and able to hear and heed their call. I had been too indoctrinated in the fear-based teachings of a Christianity that would condemn me to hell if I stepped out of line… Ooooh, boy, I guess I’m headed there now, by those standards, and yet I have enriched my life with more love and more compassion and healing all those fears wrought by that upbringing… Jesus said by their fruit ye shall know them, so I say down with the fear mongers and step into the many blessings offered by the path I walk now.

Among my goals for this blog is to share some of the teachings. One I will leave for today may poise a question – or not, but this was Hela’s great teaching to me: Learn to live fully and comfortably in your own body. Take care of it. If you have ailments -as I do- learn what it takes to live with them best you can. Accept the pain that comes as it makes every moment more real, more edgy, more alive. Yes, I know that pain can be depressing and break down happiness and contentment, but as a Reiki healer I discovered that there is often an unexpressed emotional component behind my pain, and once I discover that, then arthritic bones move a bit easier and the diabetic blood sugar not so high. I am learning to eat in ways that help my body cope, and I am working at losing weight.

We each have our own particular life challenges, and being human, I think that sharing and being emotionally supportive of one another is very important. So let me leave you, and this blog, today, with a good wish for your continued well being and whatever you require for a contented and centered spiritual life.


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