Pets Portraits: Dog Portraits

Wind Runner

Wind Runner's portrait was a breakthrough for me in utilizing color to express something of an animal's joy in motion and in life. I met John selling his book interpreting the healing powers of the Book of Revelations, when I learned he had just lost his dog. When I delivered Wind Runner's portrait to John, a gentle and quiet man, he said very softly, "I feel like I have my dog back."


Project Name

Dusty's owner was facing the harsh necessity of Dusty's aging, and she wanted to have something to honor her mare and their thirty year friendship. I completed Dusty's portrait just a month shy of Dusty's passing, and Sharon hung the painting in her office where she can see Dusty daily just as she did during her lifetime. She later told me she thinks of me every day with gratitude for this wonderful painting I made for her.