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I have found my tribe of like-minded thinkers on social media. Where else can so many healers, spirit workers, shamans, and those like us come together, freed from the dogma of mainstream religion? Many churches are dying, and those like myself who grew up in Christianity have taken the best from it, rejected the worst of it, and have explored the energy work that was lost during the times of the witch burnings and the torturing of “heretics.”

These stupid kinds of things still continue. The religious “right” has just turned its gaze away from witches, healers, and “Wise Women” to people of lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, and queer sexuality. How the fuck has Christianity gotten so far away from the loving Jesus who accepted and tolerated all people, except for the hypocritical priestly classes of his day? That ought to be fair warning to some folks that their path is misguided, but I digress.

Churches are struggling with these very issues within their own congregations, and I hope they overcome. People can get wrong headed about a lot of things. Hating other people for their differences is a huge one, which has been my grudge lately, and one that is likely to keep coming up for me, until I finally sort out my own dislike of those who would keep others down for being different. But again I digress…

My real reason for this post today, is that I am so very grateful for finding people who are my tribe. Some are close friends, and some are not, but could be. There is an ability in our essential nature to sense the spirits of land, trees, forests, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, oceans, the four Elements, ghosts and other beings that go bump in the night, mediums, psychics, the Gods, the demonic – we get it and we deal with it. And we don’t usually deal with it with our own power, but with help from the healing spirits who befriend us. Most of us had to face a lot of labels growing up. “Weird” was probably the least of them. Now I spell it “W-y-r-d” as I work with the Norns.

Another one of those vitally important things people got out of the habit of practicing, is a Reverence for Nature. Nature has life. If we want to use the word “Spirit,” spirit is Breath. If we want to use the word “Energy,” that works too. Everything is energy. Just substitute the word “spirit” for energy in physics class. It probably works. Maxwell Planck and his theory of energy fields had a point that really harmonizes with what energy workers of all types actually do, as we blend our energy fields with those of other Beings with the intention for healing. The life of the psyche and the soul so much broader than what people actually know, or believe to be true.

On Saturday, September 26th, I will be interviewing Brigid Hopkins, author of Feathers of a Phoenix because I am really intrigued by her idea of “Earth Church.” I met Brigid at Omega where we had gathered to learn from Renee Baribeau, author of Winds of Spirit, who discovered that in all the ancient myths, the Creator Gods were Wind Gods. I think that for many people mainstream religion just doesn’t cut it any more, and these are people who have found real, living answers. So please! Stay tuned! I hope to bring more of these beautiful souls to interview for the intention of sharing ways that we help the Earth! It really is all about how prayer warriors and shamans are the Wayfinders for the current age.


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