Re-Creating the World

I had a beautiful conversation with a dear friend today. We used to be solid email penpals, but life events slowed that down. When we can connect by phone, however, it is always better. It is like we were never apart.

Today we were talking about the fact neither of us can control anything or anyone but ourselves. We laughed that when we were practicing Reiki, we assumed we could fix things for other people. Now we know they have their own work to do in healing.

We talked about the importance of good self-care. This topic incorporates physical, emotional and mental well-being, but most especially the spiritual. If we don’t take care of our spiritual health, everything else suffers. This is our firm belief, that if we pray daily that love be the moving force of the day, and for our day to include joy, calm, peace, and more–it will.

When our bodies were young, they could handle more stress. There is increasing evidence now that emotional repression creates dis-ease in the body (Gabor Mate, When The Body Says No, 2023). My friend and I are experiencing this in our aging years. It is not only physical accidents from bygone years that affect our bodies, but emotionally traumatic occasions from childhood as well.

Many Ascended Masters have taught that it is not only physical food that sustains us; emotional and mental influences can also influence well-being for good or ill. What we watch on TV, what we listen to on the radio, the people who have input into our thinking process–all these can color our well-being. We have to take responsibility for the food we eat, drink, give attention to, and imagine. We have a built-in guide: our intuition.

What my topic today comes down to is this: We have to take responsibility if we want a better world. A lot of shit happens to us. Melancholy or depression can rule me for a time, but I have the wisdom to know that I am not my emotion and I can witness it and it will pass. Grief has led me down the long, hard road back to love and renewal. I have done the hard work of bringing my shadows into the light of my own spirit.

I am not alone in having done this work. Many people have walked harder roads than I have, through their own journeys with alcoholism, rape, and PTSD. But I know this, because my own journey is teaching me: we clear ourselves and reach a point at which we have the inner power to carry our light in the outer world, but the outer world goes on around us as it always has. There will always be poverty, death, disease, oppression and every kind of evil humanity can visit on humanity. We cannot control what originates outside of ourselves.

Some people blame God. But WE–the human collective–ARE GOD. We are the Light we bring into the Earth. If we give gravity to those things we feel are negative, we recreate that which we give attention to. If we instead give gravity to those things that uplift us and help us to keep our light shining brightly, we create pockets of blessings that have the power to reach from us to others on their journey.

Imagination is a vivid tool that helps us reach for the higher ground. Imagine what you want. Imagine it abundantly. Guard your thoughts from others having less so that you will have more. Instead make yourself equal to what is. Bless those around you as well as yourself. Give thanks daily that your needs and your desires are met. Let the day be sufficient onto the day. I am finding this to be my key for a contented and balanced life.


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