Rune Draw August 23 – 29, 2020
Weekly Rune Draw by Susan Hintz Epstein

The Runes for the week of August 23 to 29, 2020 were Sowelo, Algiz reversed, and Stan from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. Sowelo stands for the Sun, and because of some other things that came in for me this week to share, about holding the pieces of the soul together while everything is rotting down around us, it seemed a good read for collecting ourselves, centering, grounding and getting to the Root (Algiz reversed can be read as going to the Root of Yggdrasil) to build a strong foundation. COVID-19 and 2020 have been hard on all of us, and now that the American presidential election is ratcheting up, the ride can become very bumpy. Do you know what you stand for?

The Ogham reading following the Rune reading for this week was Apple. Apple is about generosity, abundance, gratitude, and the willingness to share all that we are. This complements Sowelo, the Sun Rune, as in our expansiveness we will also invite all to return to us.


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