Rune Draw for June 30 – July 6, 2019

Good morning! This morning I sat with my husband for a while to watch the political commentary on television, but I quickly discerned that to continue would do nothing to uplift my mood, and much to unsettle me. So I took the dog for a walk. It is a beautiful day here in the Northern Catskills. The plant life lushly reflects the deep greens of late June. The winds are blowing cool air to transform the humidity. There is a rumble of thunder overhead.

When I got back and sat down to draw the Runes for the week ahead, the Runes I drew were sadly reflective of the news this morning. TEIWAZ reversed and MANNAZ reversed spoke to collective humanity living by lower ideals, and the consequences of this were indicated by NAUTHIZ – severe constraint and limitation. I don’t like unhappy endings even in a Rune draw, so I inquired for Runes that would indicate what could be done to right the situation.

ANSUZ, the God-rune and Rune of higher consciousness spoke to living by spiritual ideals. URUZ showed up half-mast, neither upright nor reversed. URUZ is the Rune of the physical body; upright it means strength, physical well being, and stamina. Reversed it can mean illness. Therefore I interpret URUZ today to reflect that some of us are dealing with the limitation and constraint of illness. Illness can reflect what is going on with us emotionally, as emotions are stored in the body, so the illness we are individually experiencing can reflect those issues that are keeping us out of balance, whether it is with self, family, or the larger doings around us. It may be a simple as a cold or as destructive as cancer. We are given a choice here, as to how well we maintain our attitudes in what we are going through. Rising above the problems can be guided by looking for the gift within a bad situation. The gift might be as powerful as regaining your truth and living your authenticity. The final Rune THURISAZ upright reflects the opportunity to look outward as opposed to inward, and remember that we are part of Great Nature. When we are in higher consciousness we live more in accord with the ideals presented by the Spiritual Warrior, TEIWAZ upright.

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