Rune Draw for Week of March 24 to 30, 2019

Good morning! This week’s Rune Draw bears another powerful message. SOWELO as the Sun shines upon everyone, good or ill. This is for us to remember as the human collective consciousness is shifting like the seasons. JERA, the Rune for the year, seasonal changes, and harvest speaks to the cycles of reaping the harvest of our own actions. This may bypass some people, but for those of you who like me are caught in tangled emotional issues, the Sun calls us to rise above blaming and accusations. The political climate remains a huge trigger for some folks, but instead of blaming the politicians, the next Rune ISA tells us that it is time to take inventory of our self and what can we contribute to the collective for an outcome we are willing to live with. ISA declares that this is a time of stand still, so this is another opportunity to take advantage of its reflective properties for further inner work.

Catch catastrophe thinking as it arises and before it manifests into physical action where you cannot undo it. Catch limiting thoughts and negative self-beliefs. Swipe, delete, and reset.

Stop blaming others for your disappointed expectations.

Dig deep for your own dreams and fill your thoughts with your positive accomplishments.

Go forward on Faith. This will establish a firm, positive foundation for the road ahead.

Let go of control issues.

Have a blessed week!

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