RUNE DRAW for week of March 31 to April 6, 2019

The Rune reading for the week ahead comes from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. The first Rune drawn was AC, meaning Oak tree, and it appeared in reverse. The Oak tree, a strong hard wood tree with a deep tap root, draws the lightning. In some manner this week, some of us have been hit hard, possibly with old issues or old patterns of thinking that we are now asked to break in order to move forward. This has been a theme of these readings for a few weeks now.

When we have been hit hard by life to the point where we have a moment of clarity as to the relative unreality of all that we have been taught to believe, or  come to think we ought to believe, a moment comes when we have the possibility of arising to a new level of consciousness. I don’t know what your personal story is, but I had been hit hard by sciatica this month, and pain gave me that great gift of in-seeing.

I am a “tree whisperer” and there is an Oak tree I visit almost daily beside the Hudson River. Yesterday that tree enveloped me in its peace and serenity, so that I was able to stop troubling thoughts and rise above them to the peace within my own soul. My body broke down because I had the wrong idea that I had to do it al alone. There are other beings in the world to help us – our families, our friends, people of good heart, our pets, and trees.

I share this story, because the next Rune that I turned up for us is LAGUZ, the Rune of Flow. This can be a time of flowing into new forms, new ideals, or even transitioning into a total transformation of self. Humanity has the choice, as individuals we have the choice always, to rise above troubling ideas and emotions into a broader perspective. If I choose to only dwell upon what is not right, I will never see the possibility of the choices before me to make things right. Choice is our power, and its most potent moment is the Present. Now. I can rise up above old issues of anger and anxiety. We can rise up above old issues, whatever they are for us individually.

The final Rune for this week, DAGAZ, says this best. Day is a period of transitions – night into dawn into day and again into evening. The shadows do pass into the light of day again, and in fact if we didn’t have light, we would not be able to be aware of the shadows. So the message for this week is: Rise up, rise above the shadows that drive you into a broader perspective, and then you can truly access the power of your present moment now, your true point of power.

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