Rune Draw May 19 to May 25, 2019

Today’s Rune Draw featured LAGUZ, KENAZ/KAUN, and RAIDHO. LAGUZ is all about being in the flow this week; like water, LAGUZ seeks its own level, even as it has the power to flow around the obstacles that may arise in our path.

KENAZ/KAUN is the Rune of knowledge gained from life experience, craft, and art. In the Anglo-Saxon Futhark, it takes an additional meaning, of those things we learn from painful experiences. We have two inherent messages here: like water we can flow around those things that have caused us pain in the past, or like water seeking its own level, we meet like-minded others and vent.

The ability and the choice to stay in a positive flow is up to us and part of our life journey reflected in today’s Rune Draw by RAIDHO. RAIDHO is the Rune of the planets traveling in harmony with the stars, and it can mean journey, travel, and communication.

For those who have been following me, we had been working at releasing those shadows that triggered us into old and negative behavior patterns. This week tells me that we now have the power to choose to flow around these. LAGUZ, like water, flows and seeks its own level, so depending where you are at in the process of releasing those shadows, you now have the choice to flow around and not let those old patterns engage.

However, if you have not done that work, the triggers that arise in response to events could result in the venting of negative emotions with like-minded others, and so like water you will find associations for your comfort level. KENAZ/KAUN is the Rune of knowledge, so if one takes stock of the situations that do come up, it becomes an opportunity to learn what your triggers are and where they lie.

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