Rune Draw May 5: Choosing to Be Happy

The message today is all about our right to choose to be happy. I was at a Psychic Fair yesterday that had a very low public attendance, so it was an opportunity to meet new psychic friends and spend time catching up with old friends. Mackenzie, from Nook and Crannies Shop in Oneida, said something that really resonated with me, and wouldn’t you know it was in the Rune draw today.

She said, “I used to have periods of melancholy, but since I made a conscious choice to be happy, I have not had them.” The same thing was true for me. I used to have periods of melancholy, and I made a conscious choice to be happy.  The first Rune that came up today was ALGIZ, which can be a Rune of conscious choices, those we make to protect ourselves. I made a choice to be happy.

The second Rune from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark to turn up was EAR. This Rune has been interpreted as anything from death to deep water. Today she was reversed, which I am interpreting as those things in life that lead to our personal stagnation. There are many situations in the day to day reality that can color our emotional mood in the negative, but we do not have to let ourselves be drawn downward by these events when we can make that conscious choice for happiness.

The third Rune was THURISAZ reversed. Those of you who have been following this Rune draw regularly have heard me talk about turning and facing those deep emotions. By bringing our personal shadows into the light, we heal and clarify our personal energy fields. This in itself allows more room for happiness to come in.

The fourth Rune, STAN, is the foundation of small steps that we can take beginning with each new day to choose our personal happiness.

So what exactly is happiness? Does it depend on having the next material thing? Yes, somethings do bring us pleasure to have and own, but I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to learn to find happiness in the small things all around you. The Wind in the Trees, those days of sunshine, the people you love, new friends and old. The list can be endless. It is simply what we train ourselves to look for.

Have a blessed week! If you are interested in a Rune reading, great! I love to read for people! Give me a call or flip me an email!

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