After getting shouted at by my favorite “check in” psychic for being too intellectual, I have re-approached my public face. Yes, I get it. People with their busy days want short, simple, easy to understand, go to information for their psychic take on the day. Long-winded diatribes on what is easily one of my favorite topics tend to put people off. What it really comes down to for me is having fun with what I’m doing and also putting something out there that helps people to feel good. So for a smiling cheerful take on your day, why not check out my YouTube channel? You can get there from here:

I have many plans for this work. I want to host online classes on the Runes. I want to talk about how the Norse Mythology and the energies of the Runes contribute to an individual’s soul evolution. I want to talk about how the Nordic Tree of Life, Yggdrasil, is like the Tree of Life inside us. I want to talk about Shamanism and how a shamanic practice can add meaning, purpose, and soul fulfillment to one’s life and relationships with Great Nature. It certainly has done that for me.

I am making small beginnings to get back into the swing of life. For those who have been following this blog, I have been distracted by my husband’s descent into dementia. Dementia is a hard illness to watch in someone you love, but I am learning that the process also makes you stronger and more resilient. In order to avoid going down the rabbit hole with your loved one, you find ways to re-create your own interest in life on a daily basis.

I am grateful that I met Alan when I did. It was back in 2009, at the tail end of the year. I had encouraged a Reiki circle I was leading to attend a workshop at the Catskill Mountain Foundation. Alan was giving a talk he titled “Healing and Mystery.” Alan had taken classes with Brugh Joy, and had been a shaman’s apprentice. He shared methods for me to deepen my own practice in something I was deeply interested in. We married in 2011. I will call it an Autumn-Winter romance, with both of us toward the end of our lives, and sixteen years between us in age. I enjoyed having a best friend at home who was interested in the same things I was and who shares my intelligence.

Letting go and grieving are emotional challenges to be sure. The counseling I have received from spiritual mentors and friends over the past few years has been to step fully into an emotion to process it so that its suppression does not block my own clear feeling of life. But it works. The pain is there, is going to be there, no matter whether I want to experience it or not, so I have chosen to undergo the process willingly. I want to enjoy joy. Let it be!


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