Runes for July 26 – August 1, 2020

The Rune Draw for July 26 through August 1, 2020 presents difficult times ahead. The first Rune is CWEORTH, drawn from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. This is the Rune of the Funeral Pyre, and yes, things are that emotionally hot this week as demonstrators for social change vie with unidentified agents from Homeland Security sent in by “45,” and the rest of us otherwise try to make sense of this pandemic and the questionable actions of other human beings. We might feel equally as hot and unsettled inside ourselves as we are by the outer goings on in the larger world.

There does not seem to be a foundation of integrity of spirit here. The Rune TEIWAZ arrives reversed to mean that instead of fighting from a place of integrity, honor, and soul purpose, the instigator (45 is a natural disruptor) is a domineering bully. You and I can purposefully turn that Rune around in our own lives by knowing our selves, knowing what we believe in and what we stand for, and having the courage, honor and integrity to make that our personal foundation. If you want social change in any direction, make your stand for it. Discern upfront what price you’re willing to pay, and make that your stand. Not everyone is called to put themselves in harm’s way, but base your foundation upon what you can do, even if it is making an affordable donation to those who are face to face in the fight you believe in.

The final Rune, MANNAZ, indicates that the only way we are going to rise up above all the troubles besetting humanity now is through cooperation and working together. Open communication, a willingness to listen whether we agree or not, are tools to break through the impass. Take the time to be informed, even if you cannot stomach another minute of hearing 45’s voice on TV or COVID talk. Sometimes I find catching the headlines to be sufficient. Fact check. Stand in the truth.


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