Sedna’s Shadow Box Hung

Well, after I posted yesterday, I was still waiting for glue to dry. I did not get Sedna’s Shadow Box hung last night. I had done a lot of scrying work, however, to learn what items She wanted in Her ritual space. These I prepared, and hung her Shadow Box this morning. It is over my fireplace, as She stated She likes warmth in winter. There will be a central painting of Ocean, once I decide on the scene I want to paint, and a tie to the Norns on the far side of the mantle. This is because in Vision, the Norns joined Sedna to relay an understanding of the nature of Time and Movement. Movement from the larger perspective in life is akin to that of the flow of water. The motion of waves have their meeting points, before breaking apart and perhaps meeting again further along the line of flow. I am not engaging in any further explanation here, because it is an experience I felt more than I can convey in language.

A Shadow Box such as this contains all the symbols I need to express around the work I am doing with a particular Deity. There is the expressed wish in a hand-braided cord for continued unity between my own body, emotion, mind, and spirit. There are treasures, such as the pearls that came from my Ancestors, that represent the many jewels to be found by delving deep into my own Subconscious. The blue, expressed through the fabric print I chose and the Lapis beaded into the elements, represents the depths of waters, the blue of Earth, and the emotions that bring me down to the meeting point with my own soul. Fire agate for contrasting color and passion. There is a blown up image of Sedna from the Goddess card deck illustrated by Hrana Janto. The image of a drum that came with an artwork by Barbara Zell (Etsy shop) I bought for the Shadow Box is like that of a Sami style drum I recently completed.There is a handcrafted soapstone walrus by an unknown Inuit artist from the 1970’s, also found on Etsy.

Gurdjieff said that the seat of the soul is to be found in our own brain at the brainstem. This is the same part of the brain we share evolutionarily with other mammals. When we don’t let the lie of our own ego get in the way with the common belief that we are somehow “better than” animals, this is the place where I find my kinship ties with the natural world. As “Mother of Ocean and Marine Mammals,” Sedna represents a return to the sea from which our earliest evolutionary ancestor, a lungfish first climbed out.

This area above our brainstem is our arena of passion, life force energy, and the appetites that drive us to be most fully present, most fully alive. I remember as a little child before the “oughts” and “shoulds” of civilized society interfered with my joy, running around the backyard of my parents’ house as fast as I could go, simply consumed with a delighted exuberance in my own capacity for movement. I see the same joy in my puppy as he finds delight in his own speed, and I realize this is a quality we share with other forms of life.

I watched a juvenile Bald Eagle once playing in high gust of wind one day. He would fly up, engage the wind, then fly up and do it again, with the delight my son feels on a good, scary roller coaster. There is a similar “joy de vivre” in life that I am trying to recapture consistently with my art, with my spiritual lifestyle, and in service as a Rune reader. It has been challenging. I have had to uncover the conditioned beliefs that interfered with that process. I have had to call back lost soul parts of myself that left when I felt wounded by one or another of my childhood caregivers. I have been told by my shaman that I live too much in the past, and need to live more in the present moment: I identified that past-centered awareness as necessary for the release of that mental detritus which no longer serves me. I have done the “great work” of recapitulating, forgiving and letting go. This has also helped me to move forward in my Ancestral work. It is somehow fitting that to the Inuit, whose Deity Sedna is, consider the Ocean to be their Underworld.

The Upper World, Middle World where we dwell in human life, and Underworld are very old concepts in shamanism. Similar themes are echoed in mythologies from all over Earth. The misguided Christian notion of heaven and hell being static places of reward and punishment negates the perpetual motion of spirits incarnating and reincarnating, or finding their place of service to life. Ultimately, we are all spirit having an experience in a body. The human body is a temple for the spirit while we are here exploring what we “came in” to learn. The purpose is unique to each human individual.

I am at an end point. I am equally at a beginning point. There is a space in the mind which Buddha called “No Mind” that is also a starting point, or “Beginner’s Mind.” For those who have been following my blog, you have followed my process of grieving my husband. In the process, grief led me back to a love for myself that got confused by the love for another person. In some ways, but not all ways, Alan was my best friend. Now he is part of that Underworld within me that is fulfilled by Ocean, with its depth, mystery, tide and undertow. Soon, I know, I will need to make a pilgrimage to actual Ocean, but until then, the Shadow Box dedicated to Sedna, is my anchoring point in my exploration of the watery depths of my own Being.


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