Pets Portrait

Custom portraits speak from the soul of your animal friends done from photographs that you or I take. I psychically tune into the essence of the animal while drawing or painting. People frequently respond to the finished artwork with comments such as: "Oh, my God! Oh, my God! It looks just like him!" (See portraits of Irish Setter and Saint Bernard), or "I feel like I've got my dog back." (Portrait of Wind Runner). These responses encourage me to continue this work. Call for pricing.


Rune Divination

The Runes date from artwork found back in 50 C.E. Odin hung from the Tree of Worlds, called Yggdrasil,  for nine days and nine nights undergoing a shamanic ordeal, and he received the Runes. The mystical meanings are used for divination, healing, and magical workings. Please see services offered at bottom of page.



I am currently working on a book about my experiences with the Goddesses who guide me, whom I have humorously and affectionately come to call the Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty (GNG for short), and learning the Runes as tools for  spiritual awakening and conscious being. Please visit the Blog for sharing of ideas, research, and similar situations.


Pets Portrait by Susan


Commissioned Charcoal Drawings, unframed, begin at $400 for an 11" x 14" for a single subject, plus tax.

Commissioned Acrylic Paintings begin at $650 for a single subject on a 16" x 20" or similar sized gallery wrap, at the artist's discretion, plus tax.

Further information is available on the FAQs page under the heading of Pets Portrait by Susan.




Rune Divination available by appointment over the phone or in person.

• Twenty minutes for $40 or a half hour reading for $70, plus sales tax.

• Soul Map Interpretation can last up to two hours with the first session done in person. Followup sessions to clarify issues may be requested by the customer at need and may be done over the phone. Rune Divination to clarify issues. Session may also include Past Life Recall session if needed.  Please call for further information. $240, plus sales tax.

• Meet your Animal Spirit Guides. This half hour session includes a drawing of whatever animal I See for you. $60, plus tax.

• Animal Communication. I connect to your animal living or passed and communicate to you the impressions I receive. Twenty minutes, $60 plus tax.

Occasionally available • Reiki Initiations I, II, and Master • Working with the Spirits of Land and Water. Please call for further information.


Next Steps...

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