I didn’t sleep very well last night with the energy of fire dancing through my twilight mind – that part of me that listens to the Subconscious. I felt Loki’s excitement at my train of thought.

I have questioned for years the nature of “soul.” I have asked myself is “soul” the same as “spirit.” I have concluded that they are NOT the same, and it is the root translation of the words that informs me. From the Latin, spiritus, for Breath, I learned that Spirit relates to Air, to the Winds, and therefore to the Giver of Holy Breath – Odin. From the root word, sol, and from derivative words – soul, sole – we can know that “soul” is what connects us to the Sun, the solar dynamic that calls us forward to new life even as it coaxes the seeds to send forth new shoots out of the soil. Loki, as a God of Fire and the Lightning, is connected relates to fires of the Sun, and as such he is the transformative power of our own will rising into the chakra of the Heart, where Hœnir enters into the equation to assist the making of our “mud,” our “clay,” in accordance with Odin’s frenzied inspiration of creation. Here we have the typical four elements – mud as Earth and Water, Wind or Air, and Fire. To mind comes the potter’s wheel and new ceramic vessels, or the bread in the kitchen, but truly creativity comes in many forms, from the creation and raising of children, to inspired thought, or even the next action required in my day.

The Gifts of the three God brothers enable survival in Midgard, our Earth, through the human capacity to think, have and act, but always in the Nine Worlds there is polarity, or opposition, and a way to bring the polarities together for the friction needed for growth. From Snorri’s Lore the three children of Loki exist to provide the polarity that opposes Creation. Death, Destruction, and Division (or maybe this one should also be called the world of Dream for the layers of “sleep” he represents) bring us their own gifts in the form of obstacles and challenges to overcome.

If we think life ought to be easy and serve us instead of the other way around, we will never be able to make friends with these forces, which is a shame, because these forces gift us the opportunity to build character, soul, and strength of purpose by overcoming the friction that arises in life. The three children of Loki represent these polarities. Hela rules the Northern Underworld called Helheim, which is not a place of punishment as the Christian Hell, but a place of rest for Beings between incarnations. Fenris has been called the “Wolf of Greed,” but in truth he represents shadowy emotions and unfulfilled longings, which he cannot fulfill imprisoned as he is by the ordered mind, or will of the Gods. Jormundgand, the Midgard Serpent, I see as both Divider and Protector, because he keeps humans blissfully unaware of all the shining potential of an awakened soul, as the ego-mind keeps us from seeing too deeply into the depths of our Subconscious being. Gurdjieff claimed that the Subconscious ought more properly be our true Conscious, and that the basis for that not being the case is wrong education. As a couple of days ago my blog rant blamed the focus on intellectualism for a lack of BEING.

Within the Cosmos of the Nine Worlds and Yggdrasil, the Norns stand at the point of the Triad that is BEING. (To be continued).


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