“Cat Mom” ended with some pretty heavy emotions for me, but although the times were emotionally difficult, they gave me compassion and empathy. When I finally let go of the identification with those old raw emotions, they no longer troubled me so much. Underneath all the rawness is a deep well of love. Sometimes that love engages my warrior nature’s protective side and I want to make the world right. But despite all the Super Hero comics and Super Hero movies wherein one person or a small group out to save the world succeeds, the reality is just lil’ old me against a big Earth, and Earth is not the one who needs saving.

Humanity needs saving, and if Jesus couldn’t do it, how can lil’ old me expect to? How can lil’ ol’ you or you or you expect to? I’m just going to let go of the whole “expect to” game. We are told so many lies and half-truths mixed in with what is Real, that there is a lot to sort out. I’m just going to sit with this huge big old vat of love inside of me brewing away. It’s a mixed beer: all of life’s happy and sad, sad and happy experiences mulled into it. All of the friendships and work relationships that are almost friendships and relatives and every memory of every person I’ve ever known and met, all loved or hated or in-between.

In the Norse Mythology there is a story about how when the Aesir and the Vanir finally settled their war, they were brewing a big old vat of Meade. They all spit into the Meade to seal the deal. That Meade troubled and boiled and fermented and out of it stepped the world’s wisest man. The Gods named him Kvasir. Kvasir roamed the world with his Good Will sharing his Wisdom freely, until he happened upon some greedy dwarfs who wanted Kvasir’s wisdom for themselves. So they killed him and put his blood into some Meade they had brewing. Now whenever anyone drinks this Meade of inspiration…

Now that becomes the question. Does it make them Wise? Or does it aggravate whatever emotion is most troubling to them? Because those dwarfs got downright paranoid about having that Kvasir-enhanced Meade. If they drank it, they were not Wise, Peaceful, and Benificent. No. Their greed got them killed, and Gunlod’s father got a hold of it and was keeping it safe until Odin had to go rescue it by some stealthy means, and now Odin is known as the God of Frenzy and Inspiration.

Still Standing. By Elton John.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHwVBirqD2s&w=560&h=315]


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