365 Days of Prayer – Day 112

Today I am grateful for being broken.

I have been pushing hard at work -the daily job that sustains life- and at play -my writing and my learning from the tutelary spirits who are the old gods of the Norse Mythology. Keeping abreast on all these fronts wears me down physically. I had a recurrence of sciatica yesterday, but I have noticed that despite the pain, my joy remains intact. I can only surmise the reason for this is that I am more able to renew my spirit even when the daily grind and pain of body are present.

It is this that I am grateful for. I am also grateful for being broken every time my ego told me that I had to persevere because nobody else was doing their job -as I saw it- and each time that happened, someone else gave me of their strength until I could return to the fight. Finally, finally(!!!) I am able to see that living life is a reciprocal thing. The myth I told myself of being the strong, independent one who needs nobody is a lie. I take the walls of my heart down and see life as it is, and the generosity of others and how we all interact in the day to day grind is a very beautiful thing.

So! Creator! Life Guides! Guardian Angels! Beloved Ones! Thank you for the bottoming out moments when you stood by me -patiently, always so patiently- until I could see and accept the Love you offered in the process of this life journey! Thank you for the bottom of the well moments, when looking far, far down a dark tunnel, and the only light I could perceive at the end of things was prayer. Thank you for recovery times that allow me the grace of time to process the spiritual lessons! Thank you for all of these things. Thank you for health, which I had previously taken for granted. And most of all, thank you for the love of family and friends who make my life truly joyful. Amen-Aho!