365 Days of Prayer – Day 104 The Bucket List

In the middle of winter when my spirit is weary of cold and lack of sunlight, my imagination soars into the coming spring and how I would like to spend time this year. When I was young and kept horses, I would shop the catalogs and tack shops for some new piece of leather equipment – saddles, bridles, girths, breast collars, grooming equipment, and it was ever so much fun. I love the smell of leather, cleaning it, taking it apart, putting it back together, and keeping a neat tack room.

When I was older and no longer kept horses, I kept my interest in country life alive by keeping a garden. This is the time of year I fantasize about the vegetables and fruits I would enjoy eating off the land. It doesn’t even have to be a cultivated crop. Dandelions are healthy, they do not offend my sense of lawn maintenance, and are pretty to look at. I have enjoyed wandering the local feral fields in search of plants that are healthy for me and even found some that were descended from plants brought here by the colonists.

But lately my bucket list is growing. I would like to visit Iceland or Sweden, learn to speak old Norse, travel to where I can visit the Rune stones in the ancestral homelands, maybe visit the Temple at Luxor, or keep a horse again. None of these things is guaranteed, of course. But it is good to have the fire of imagination to keep me warm on a mid-winter day.

Creator, it is good to have a rich mind! It is good to have thoughts and emotions that move those thoughts to the enrichment of my present moment, mid-winter experience. Thank you!