Nornir’s Corner

I originally titled this Blog “Nornir’s Corner” because I began working with the Norns shortly after understanding the Runes came to me. That was back in 2013, and I have wanted to write about it, but for one reason or another, that seem mostly excuses to me now, I did not do that.

Somehow I felt this was a life mission. In terms of “mission accomplished,” not so much when I have not been focusing on topic.

The Norns brought me round to the idea of choices feeding our becoming. In one sense the entire process of life is always “becoming.” Time and the flow of Time brings choices to all beings. Whether beings make those choices consciously in accord with their Orlog (kind of like karma, but not quite) or not, those choices and the consequences of those choices are always with us in this incarnation or the next.

Soon after the Norns were introduced to me, Hela came seeking me out. I had been reading Raven Kaldera’s web site and so I had some inkling of this fine lady. It turned out she has a lot worth teaching. One or another Norse god or goddess would make themselves known to me, and the teaching has been building slowly. Slowly, because I’m a little dense and the teachings take time to sink in. One day Heimdall appeared dressed like a computer geek, if a Norse god can dress as a computer geek, but that is the way he appeared to me, and UPG being what it is, it amused me. Repeating, “Droll! How droll!” he somehow dove down my universal energy core and hooked me up with Yggdrasil. Since then I have learned, as other Rune students have already known, that Yggdrasil is also us. In terms of being a “Soul Map,” I mean. I’m going to be giving a talk on this at the ISD Cabin Fever Spirit Festival this coming Saturday in Oneonta, if anyone reads this and happens to be interested in coming.

The point I am making is this: The Norse gods and goddesses have been making quite an appearance to many people like me, who may or may not have considered themselves candidates for channeling deities. They want to be known. They want to relate. They give us tasks to carry out, which is why I am starting to write about them actively today.

When the Norns began coming to me, they showed me in vision of the airstrikes of WW2. They said, “Make it right.” I was given to know that they did not condone the evil the Nazis did.

Shortly after this, Odin came to me, and showed me the same vision. He welcomed me as a warrior, and also seemed to indicate I should act to “Make it right.” I never figured that there was much I knew to do to right that great an evil, but what I can do is take a stand against racism. I can take a stand against self-aggrandizing leaders who are mentally ill with Narcissism. I can speak against those who follow blindly without taking responsibility for their own choices.  I can encourage people to develop and cherish their own unique individuality. In this way we become like the gods, which I believe Odin’s way is all about.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 86 – More Throat Chakra

Sometimes I feel really, really angry, and i need to speak my piece. Not my peace, but my piece. Not that anybody wants to really listen. Most of my life it seemed as if those persons who were louder and tended toward the chaotic were heard over and above me. Hey, my sibling took over the household with her temper, arguing with her boyfriend, and constant chaos of her “need.” Her “need” was usually to get driven here or there to be with whatever friend she wanted to hang out with as she struggled to raise her young son as a single parent.

Yes, I know she did not have it easy, but her own choices made her own hardships. I remember the time I walked into an argument she was having with Dad. She had pulled a knife and he was going for a lead pipe, and Mom was standing on the other side of the room uselessly wringing her hands. My sister fled out the door into the snowstorm and nobody got hurt that day. I remember the time my angel told me to walk through a closed door to her bedroom and her stupid boyfriend with the temper problem was posed in the threat of punching her pregnant belly and killing the baby. I told him to get out and he fled.

The point is our Throat chakra is a blessed way to express truth. We can express truth to help and to heal, or “truth” as a way to hurt another person, damage their reputation, kill their aspirations to our social circle, whatever.

Trouble for me was with my sister being so loud about what she wanted or needed, my wants and needs were not often heard. I learned that if I expressed what I wanted or needed it was often inconvenient for the family, so I ended up feeling like I got the short end of the stick. What my sister’s example did for me though, was to show me that actions have consequences. While it was a lesson she had to learn the hard way, I quickly decided that teenage pregnancy was not my cup of tea, so I avoided that trap. What I did not realize though, was that in not speaking up so as to get along, I was spending years short circuiting myself from my own happiness and freedom.

I learned the hard way that I make my own choices for love and for freedom. I learned to ask myself what I most truly need, because although others make take pleasure from what they give me, it might not be the thing to bring me the greatest pleasure. When I give voice to something now, I have generally thought about it a great deal before I speak, lest my words bring unintended harm or discomfort to another. Sometimes silence is my saving grace. Whether to speak up or not may often be a difficult choice for me, given my upbringing, but my words will always be as well considered as I can make them.

Creator, you are my saving grace. From you, humans have the gift of speech. The gift of speech can be used to illumine and to heal, or to drag others down to another level. Please bless our choice of words to be those in truth necessary to the moment, and help us to bless more than we curse. By thy holy truth, Amen.