365 Days of Prayer – Day 125 – Stepping into fear

I wonder if I should say anything about this, because it is such a personal thing, but I feel moved to speak to the topic, so I will speak to it impersonally. I see many people putting on a brave face when their underlying emotions speak otherwise. It is hard to smile through our tears, and we will ride this pandemic horse best with as much joy as we can muster.

One of the topics covered in Shamanizing 201 -yes, I’m being facetious- was facing and accepting my own death. I cannot know what day or in what form that may come, so best I can do is take care of myself now, face my fears down by owning them, and then take joy in the day.

I don’t know what your fears are or what you are facing. But in some way or form we are all facing something. I am afraid of what I can’t see and what I can’t control, but I do know I have control over protecting myself best I can for my safety and my loved ones. I do know I have a choice to rise above my fear or to get swallowed up by the power of my irrational emotions. To that end, I face my fears, acknowledge them, and I own them rather than try to repress them. I cultivate thoughts that feed hope, love, and faith as opposed to fear of loss, greed, or abandonment.

Dear Creator, moving forward. Wow! What a miracle that the whole world stopped and people are cooperating in response to something they cannot see! What love is being expressed in the frontline fight by the medical people -doctors, nurses, CNAs- and grocery people, those who transport goods to market, teachers, those who bring food and face masks to those in need, the politicos who support taking care of people as opposed to big business. What will come tomorrow? What I do know is that the world will never be quite the same again. Thank you! Amen