365 Days of Prayer – Day 131 – What if?

Coffee meditation

Yesterday’s musings left me with this very simple post today: What if?

I belong to a variety of shamanic groups on Facebook, and one theme that has been suggested over and over is Dreaming a new world into being.

This has nothing to do with any political hype of a “new world order.” No. We are a bunch of shamans and shamanic practitioners, holistic healers, people who heal with vibrational hands, alternative health advocates, and more. We are mostly a bunch of independent free thinkers who have a common belief that Earth is a sentient being herself and that we are living through some significant earth changes. Very old lineages of shamanism have speculated that human beings have the power to dream into being the earth changes we would like to see.

So I pose this question today: What if? What if you and I have the divine power to dream into becoming the Earth we would like to see?

I’m dreaming of every individual having enough of everything – food, shelter, love, creative expression, kindness.

I’m dreaming of people putting aside their hatreds, mistrust, and dislike to accept the uniqueness of other people as they are.

I’m dreaming of clean water, clean air, clean earth, clear sunshine for all my relations.

I’m dreaming of people coming together in ceremony to celebrate calendar times – moon times, planting times, the solstices and the equinoxes – and those times that celebrate initiation times in human life – coming of age ceremonies for girls and boys, births, deaths, weddings, divorce. As we celebrate comings together, why not also celebrate going apart?

I’m dreaming of equal time for all to work and play.

What if we somehow work out ways that every one has a way to support life without the negativity of communism or the excessive greed of capitalism. What if reciprocity were the norm? That each of us has what we need and judges no reason to withhold from another what they need? What if? What if we actually honored what Jesus taught instead of tagging ourselves as “Christian” without a sincere Christian practice? What if we honored the truth of the Quechua Indians’ ayni, “Today for me, tomorrow for you?” What if in working together for survival my neighbor’s well being became as important to me as my own?

What if we vote out a narcissistic president who lies, demeans good people, and tells all kinds of wild stories just to hear himself talk? What if the truth of America was really “Government for the people and by the people”? What if America was really about ALL the people? People of every color? What if America honored the rainbow in itself? Wouldn’t we then be a beautiful nation? Would such good will begin to heal the wounded places in the rainbow soul? And the hatred in racist hearts?

What if?

And what if we the collective are God?

Would this be a world we would like to live in?

What if?