365 Days of Prayer – Day 106 Changing Viewpoints

I’m watching the Democratic debate on television, and hoping for some change, some ideal person, who has what it takes to win the trust of the American people and turn the tide on the person currently in the White House.

I have watched that person consistently lie to “We the people.” I have watched his supporters cheering him on, as he promised them what he knew they wanted to hear. He sounds very believable, until you look beyond the words and notice that his actions do not echo his words and his promises do not hold up. He has driven up the deficit. He has given pardons to his criminal friends, forgiving even large amounts of money they had stolen from the taxpayer. I would say more, but then I would sound like “Tweetie.”

Today I call upon “We the people.” I beg you to look beyond what is said to what is done. If you do that, I trust your intelligence. Let the election be fair.

Dear Human Collective, as we struggle to evolve through the challenges of meeting the needs and rights of all people, I pray for those who will speak truth to power, for those to whom truth is important, and who will do this job honorably with just regards to all peoples.