365 Days of Prayer – Day 116

This week we all got hit by a new worry – CORVID-19. On pay day I took myself to the store and was surprised to see all the toilet paper shelves empty. It seems as if with the concern about the virus, people’s biggest worry is wiping their ass.

Some of us can afford to isolate ourselves while we feel out the unknown consequences of this virus. Some of us cannot afford to isolate ourselves. So we go on, perhaps being more careful than previously about washing our hands and keeping our environments clean. And sticking with learning the facts of the illness.

A friend was telling me a story about how she had to relate to someone that it is not China’s fault about the virus, but that the virus is a random condition of nature that leapt from one species to another. It happens. Shit happens too. Nobody is at fault, but it did bring to mind the question of “What superstition will the religious wrong bring to blame the situation on?” They can’t blame gays like they do with AIDS, because anybody can catch this disease. But I heard Trump on TV blaming China today, so maybe they will run with that. Then the man avoided serious questions by talking for endless minutes about not shaking hands. Really? This is the leader of the free world? Funniest bumper sticker I spied about the election was “Put an adult in the White House 2020.”

The conditions of life are what they are. Maybe everything that seems “normal” has to be stood on its head so that humanity can learn to face life with more balance. For many of us, this means a hard look at how we need to slow down, or how do we support ourselves when the anticipated means have come to a halt, or what happens when a loved one drops ill? It may not even be the Corona virus at all, but something else, a heart condition, cancer. The events of the past few days just beg the hard questions.

When I face the hard questions, I have to pray. Prayer is my saving grace.

Creator, life is uncertain. I’ve always known that, but with these events I am really feeling that too. I choose to put love above fear. I choose to put faith above fear, and yet sometimes the fear happens. You have taught me to step into the fear, to face it down. When fear comes upon me, be strong with me. Don’t leave me alone. Thank you. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 110

Something happened to remind me to remind people how important it is to pray when there is need to take a life. This could be for any reason: plants I am gathering for medicinals or food; a farm animal I have raised for food; or a prayer for the hunters to bring in the game food.

I have shared stories recently of Hem, my tree friend. In his grove stands an aged tree who had been a sapling two hundred years ago when people clear cut the Hemlocks of this valley for the tanning industry. This tree was angry and mornings Alan and I could feel under attack from its projections of fear.

When I visit Hem, we experience much joy in each others’ presence. This elder tree would watch, and project its resentment. It clearly did not trust humans. But I would talk to it. I would ask it not to try to poison my relationship with Hem, because I am not like those people who clear cut the trees of its memory. And I asked it to forgive me so that I could enjoy Hem. This tree was not budging in its opinions or its suspicion. Yet something changed.

Yesterday morning I felt fearful, so I consciously stepped into the fear as my Wind Clan friend Brigid Hopkins suggested I do when my repressed emotions present themselves for healing. I stepped into the fear, and deliberately intensified the emotion. As I did this, the fear faded, and behind my eyes I was no longer Susan, but the tree I am telling the story about.  I was so afraid of the loggers daily coming closer and closer to where I was planted, and feeling keenly the deaths of my people, some dying after lives as long as six hundred to one thousand years, their lives abruptly ended without prayer, without ceremony, without permission.

Her story was heartbreaking.

I brought prayer. I brought ceremony. I called upon the help of my tutelary spirits for something I could not do on my own. This venerable tree has carried her fear for over two hundred years, the tree version of PTSD. With the help of the tutelary spirits, we created sacred space for her healing and her peace of mind.

If these loggers had been conscious of the spiritual beingness of these trees , would they have been so wasteful, or so careless of the value of their lives?

Long ago I read of a Native American practice of praying to the spirit of the being whose life was being sought to meet the tribe’s need to survive. Offerings were made and prayers were said. The spirit of the being was assured that no part of it would be wasted. Every part would be used. And eventually the humans too would lay down their bodies to return to the natural world. All of this was consciously realized and accepted. The prayers made the connection to the spirit of the animal for the spirit of the people and the needs were met and gratitude given.

Here is a “fill in the blank” kind of prayer to ask for and give honor to the gifts of the Earth. Or maybe something else will move you to write your own ceremony. I pray that you will.

Holy Mother Earth, Sacred Father Sky, and all who live in-between. Today I have the need __________________ (fill in the blank by naming your need). I seek _______________ in order to ___________. (I seek medicinals in order to heal, or I seek the deer in order to have meat for the coming winter, or I thank this animal that I have raised for its life in providing me with meat). I know that my own time of dying will come, and at that time I will give my own life to sustain those who come after me. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 93 Blocked Chakras

Today I am grateful for Tree Medicine as my friend “He” today helped me clear toxic energy from my Brow and Crown Chakras. I haven’t spoken much about these two chakras yet, and perhaps won’t for a while, except to say that the Brow chakra is a powerful center for developing one’s intuition and intention, and that the Crown chakra is where we, each and every single one of us, is connected to Source. In fact I find too much to say on these two chakra and the ideas that I will limit myself to the moment, and repeat, because I feel this is very important: The Crown chakra is where each and every one of us is connected to Source.

Friends, it does not matter what religion you have or what ideas you hold or whether your priest or pastor is someone you really respect and look up to. I want to emphasize again, that each and everyone of us is connected to Source. Source animates us, gives us our life, our breath, our being, and the opportunity to incarnate again and again in the physical realm. No one can experience Source in the exact same way that you can or that you will! And I want to emphasize how very special that is! So celebrate your religion, but honor the fact that someone else’s religion is special to them too! Celebrate your gods as I celebrate mine! Honor your Tree friends as I honor mine!

I somehow got off my original topic, but that’s okay too. It gives me more topic for the next blog!

Creator, today I want to thank you for my special friendship with “He.” “He” helped me clear stagnant energy from my upper story chakras today. But also I especially want to thank you that none of us will ever experience our relationship with you in exactly the same way. And because it works that way, the potential exists to keep life light, honest, and refreshing! Aho!

365 Days of Prayer – Day 82

Today we had new snow. As luck would have it, the snow fell on a three day weekend, and I was happy not to have to shovel to get out to work. Yesterday we celebrated Alan’s 78th birthday with cheesecake and prime rib. I drew a Rune chart to experiment with a new way of reading the Runes with a pendulum. Today I caught up on book work. There is time that I need to spend earning money to pay for life, and then there is time that I need to spend celebrating life with the small tasks of living. The concept of prosperity truly encompasses all of that.

All-Father, I am grateful for the gifts of life today, for the chance to rest and catch up with myself on the living, for a chance to celebrate and honor my partner’s gift of long life, and the time to bury my nose in a sketchbook.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 81

I woke up this morning with a vague feeling of resentment. This was not a solid emotion I could put my finger on, but more like an old habit. However, since I do a weekly Rune draw (here for January 19 – 25, 2020) the message was definite: I needed to clear my negative emotions before I could be clear to read for others.

When  I am caught in a negative emotion, the most certain methods for me to escape it are prayer and gratitude. I turn it around. I take whatever upsets me and find the gift in it. The Gift is the Rune GEBO/GIFU and is a mutual exchange.

Dear Ones: Today I thank you for the snow I have to shovel. I thank you for the resentment I woke up with; this is an opportunity to practice turning around my emotional state. I thank you for the pile of dishes to wash this morning and for the good meal last night that dirtied them. I thank you for the dog to walk. I thank you for the rest provided by this weekend. I thank you for inspiration. I thank you for my home and my husband. Amen.