365 Days of Prayer – Day 73 The Chakras and clearing the emotional body Day 3

Today I want to finish describing the three upper body chakras.

The Throat chakra through which we manifest our expression in the world and its element is sound. Here such values apply as what I give my word to, promises I must keep, and other values of communication.

The Brow chakra, also called “the third eye,” is located about an inch straight up above the bridge of the nose and below the middle of the forehead. This center is related to the pineal and pituitary glands. Its element is chi/qi/ki energy. This very much relates to the sexuality of kundalini. Its gift is psychic.

The Crown chakra provides our personal and direct link to divine source. Every body has this, it is not the “special provenance” of a few select priests or prophets. (I am one who sees aspects of auras, and I see every one with a connecting link vanishing from this crowning point of their head into heaven – I do not see where the cord goes, but it is there in everyone of us!).

The Crown and the Root chakras are the ends of the vertical pillar of energy that runs along the spinal column. The other chakras, the Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, and Brow display horizontal funnels of energy to the fore and aft of the body that connect with the vertical energetic core. Through these funnels we take in and dispel energy. Intentional sensation is the development of a deep intuitive awareness of our body that makes us sensitive to the energies we take in. Although this requires practice, I feel it is very essential to my psychic harmony of mind and body.

Today I want to introduce the practice of Intentional Sensation. We began this a bit on day one, and this too can become as a prayer or as a meditation.

Sit as before, and for a moment focus on your breathing. Use your breathing to release any and all tension you are holding in your body – toes, feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, hips, lower back and abdomen, upper back and chest, shoulders – loose, loose, loose, and neck, arms all the way down to your fingers. Breath your relaxation into every area of your body holding your awareness of the sensation of your body as best as you can. Think about relaxing now the muscles of your face and head. Then, finding your center, hold this overall awareness and note what areas of your body are crying for attention. What is tense? What is painful? What feels good?

Take a moment to take stock of all this. Slowly, begin to breathe into those tight areas, concentrating as you do so on releasing what is stuck. Sometimes it helps to apply the stuck feeling a shape or a color. Let gravity take it, out, out, out of your body and into the earth. If your awareness allows you to perceive an emotion or associated thought, note that too. It is another facet of self knowing.

Creator, truly the workings of my mind and body are a miraculous thing. Thank you for the awareness that has occurred today.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 62

The first thing I do every morning is to make myself a cup of latte. Alan and I keep a Mr. Coffee Espresso/Latte machine instead of a regular coffee pot. The rich taste of the coffee combined with the steamed milk is a real joy to wake up to, and reminds me of the importance of being present to the delights of the five senses.

The second thing I do every other day is a weight workout routine to maintain strength, flexibility, and health of body and mind. It adds a little discipline to my life that further keeps me mindful and present in the moment.

The third thing I do most days of the week is to head off to my day job as a school bus driver. It is a job I like and it pays the bills.

In short I have a relatively ordinary life, but it is one that can be lived with extraordinary presence and attention. The rest of the time I am working to honor my calling as a Rune reader, author, and healer. I am still a student of life, and every day has something to teach me as long as I am willing to listen. If life were a solitary pursuit, it would be really boring, but as it is, people and circumstances are entertaining enough.

Creator, today I am expressing thanks for the ordinary things, for the things of the day to day. Thank you for good coffee, for pleasant companions, and occupations that fulfill the needs of my soul. Amen Aho.