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  • More Ideas on PTSD

    More Ideas on PTSD

    For those who are doing the shadow work of releasing repressed emotions, trauma, and coming into an understanding of what their personal patterns and triggers are for those behaviors that do not serve us very well – here are some thoughts I’ve been having as I do my own inner work. I want to be…

  • Emptiness


    There have been many times in my life where the familiar has dropped away and I am left sitting with unfamiliar emptiness. It’s hard to describe, and in the past I’ve rushed to fill it up with something new. I’m not rushing. I’m using this unfamiliarity to do my best to get confident with uncertainty.

  • Returning to a true yes and a true no

    Returning to a true yes and a true no

    I’ve heard it said that on the path of life we will cycle around our learning three times, as youth, as adult, as crone. The threads of memory do seem to unfold this way, and today I found myself returning to my time in the Gurdjieff Work for the questions that arose for me today.…