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  • Taking Stock

    For those readers who have followed this blog a little ways, you know I am stepping out of the all-consuming grief of losing a spouse and the accompanying fear of making it on my own. Because, “I tell ya, sistas,” I ain’t taking on any more significant other relationships. I’m in my crone years, and…

  • The In-Between Times

    Usually I find the In-Between Times restful, but with tonight’s lunar energy, today has instead been a day for questioning. My mind, or rather my attention, is all over the place. Not Zen. Not focused. I am noticing the peculiarities of our world and marveling that so much divisiveness can exist on one planet. Take,…

  • Inner Compass

    Inner Compass

    I have been one who followed my inner compass down awkwardly winding roads, into and out of diverse jobs and even marriage. It was not an easy road, but one that has led to deeper self-understanding and an open heart. The learning of this lifetime has been that the dynamic of relationships is the best…

  • Ever wonder how you can help repair the world?

    I was listening to a radio interview of Barbara Streisand last week. She had just released a remastered version of songs from her youth that had never before been released. Ms. Streisand said that her Jewish faith has a phrase for repairing the world: Tikkun olam. The topic caught my attention. I have studied Gurdjieff.…

  • Facing The Shadows

    Facing The Shadows

    Shadow Work is about turning to face yourself in whatever way you are discomfited, without projection and without blame. You have to begin with an understanding that you are part of any relationship you belong to, and consequently, what you experience from that relationship can teach you something about yourself.

  • Relationships Reveal Me

    Relationships Reveal Me

    My relationship to a thing depends upon how much energy I am willing to invest in observing it, getting to know it, communicate with it. The term relationship is thus broadened again by a willingness to invest energy and time and the connection of communication and still further by the purpose of the relationship.

  • Connections

    I woke up this morning -startled awake- the GNG didn’t want me to miss this. I’d been dreaming of the connections I have to people, places, things, all the beings I love and have grown from connections with. Relationships, it has taken my whole life to understand, are the real key to knowing myself. Everyone…