365 Days of Prayer – Day 100

It seems like the 100th day of daily prayer ought to somehow be special or a day more significant than any other day. Instead it just seems like another day I cannot catch up to my own goals, no matter how pronounced.

I am behind on the daily prayer blogs, but the best I can do is to plug forward best I can and if my original goal of one year takes longer than I planned, so it does.

I am working on reformatting my ebook Rune Play, and deciding whether or not to include the last chapter of the first edition or publish that as a second ebook. It really does deserve its own place due to its uniqueness.

Good thing is, as I work on myself to free my self from those old habits of self-negating thought, I make more progress, because self forgiveness allows me to continue to move forward. No matter what. No matter the six-day work weeks of recent months or limited time frames.

About a year ago I fell and fell hard. My sciatica went out, and my body which has always been strong and adaptable was stopped while I healed from the pain. A week off from my day job of bus driving with good chiropractic care and then a solid routine of exercises to strengthen the muscle groups to support my pelvis have worked wonders. But the entire episode made me aware that I am not bionic, I do have limits to how much I can push myself, and I am focusing much more on meeting my own needs than those of other people, even those close to me. Even though I have a soft heart and like to be responsive to the needs and desires of my family, I have had to toughen up and take a solid stance for me. Self care really is important, because without that I cannot show up for my dreams which keep me going when the rest of life feels like a struggle.

So I guess today is special, even if only to take stock of how far I have journeyed, and to know that the journey continues.

Creator, thank you for enlightening me as to the importance of self care as a means of progressing through life no matter what curve balls it hands me.