365 Days of Prayer – Day 108 Self Renewal

Today I woke up after a couple of days of joint pain feeling much better. The Sun has come out, and the storm that was passing through is gone, so the barometric pressure has changed. Other Old People with arthritis can tell you the same thing. We can discern the coming weather sometimes better than the weather person, although we aren’t making the big bucks.


But Yay! I could jump up, move about and get a full workout in. And that touches upon the point I am making today, that keeping our bodies fit and healthy is important to our spiritual life because our body is the vehicle for our spirit.

In the Norse mythology, it is Loki (aka Lodher, aka Ve) who imparts the “Blooming Hue” to the body of wood, even as Odin (aka Voden) gives Breath (Ond), and Hoenir (Vili) imparts the powers of mind. Ve is another word for the sacred enclosure, a temple, or a place one hallows in order to practice one’s energetic, or magical workings. So it is very important to do as best we can for the health of our body, as our body is one of the triune aspects of life in Middle Earth along with the emotional and intellectual.

I will make no bones about it. I have hereditary arthritis and along the way ended up with type-2 diabetes, so I do the best I can with exercise and diet to manage these conditions. Other people are much worse off than I, so this is no complaint. I simply want to encourage each of us to do the best we can to manage whatever ailments our body engages with in order to have the best life for our spirit. Hence the title today, “Self Renewal.” For me, exercise has become a foundation for staying in touch with my body and even my emotions. As Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, discovered with her scientific experiments, emotions are stored in the body. And as Valerie Hunt discovered in her breakthrough scientific experiments with Rolfing back in the 1970’s, deep seated trauma seems to be stored in the deep muscle tissue. Moving the body, stretching out, is one way to move through stuck emotional issues so that we are freer to be happy and focused on the NOW of our life.

Voden, Vili, and Ve – I give thanks for all the gifts of life. My body, my heart, and my mind contribute to the best life I can experience. Guide me to honor what is sacred at whatever level. Guide me to respect the gift of life inherent within all persons. Let us find community for the sharing.